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joker !!

Written By Unknown on 28/02/2011 | 6:17:00 pm

                                                   RESULT: 4/5 SUCCESS 80%

Have   a  nice  week  !!

Let 's   see   very   fast    today's   matches

g- g   Milan -over  for  me  is  possible  here  (if  you want  possible scorer Cavani from Napoli  is  one)

Besiktas   to  win  away

2-3  goals  Stoke

Malaga  to  win/2-3 goals too

Braga  2(X)


Hi, another good day for us yesterday with Joker having 9/12 and personally i suggested some good tips, as 1X of Panionios, 1 of Catania, 2x pen Bochum and 1 of Alkmaar. DONATEEEE WHEN YOU CAN!!!

For fun today:

Naval - Sporting Braga OVER and 2 as a second choice

Málaga - Almería 1 and possible score 1-0 or 2-1

Fortuna Sittard - Go Ahead Eagles 2-3 goals with good odd

FC Augsburg - Erzgebirge Aue 1 home team is better and normally they can win 2-0 or 3-0 possible score

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 27/02/2011 | 3:39:00 pm

                                                      RESULT: 9/12 RESULT 75 %

Very  bad   the  previous  day  and   it's  time   for  us   to   make   our   choices  for

Sunday  .

Let's   see  what   we  have

g-g  Palermo/  over  can  come  easily  I  believe

Fiorentina   normally  shall  beat  Bari

Over   Roma/  second  tip  victory  for  home  team

Over   Man  City

Basel  with   risk   big  odd 2(X) for  those  to  be  safe !

Marseille   to  win

Inter   to  win

g-g  Werder W

Levante   to  win

Betis   to  win

g-g  Lille/ over  too

g-g  Bilbao


 Καλημέρα σε όλους τους φίλους του blog!!!Δεν ήταν και πολύ καλή στοιχηματικά μέρα χτες,ας προσπαθήσουμε για σήμερα να πάμε ταμείο.

 Αρχή με το ελληνικό πρωτάθλημα και με τον αγώνα Πανιωνίου-Ολυμπιακού...Ίσως δούμε το 1Χ σήμερα καθώς ο Ολυμπιακός δεν καίγεται,ενώ ο Πανιώνιος έχει να παίξει στη συνέχεια με όλους τους διεκδικητές της σωτηρίας.Στις Σέρρες το παιχνίδι είναι άσσος,πολύ κακή ομάδα ο Αστέρας φέτος,δεν αξίζει να σωθεί.Τέλος,στην  Λάρισα μπορούν να εκμεταλλευτούν την κούραση του Άρη και να κάνουν μια νίκη.
 Στο Παρί-Τουλούζ και στο Μπέτις-Αλμπαθέτε βλέπω άσσους σε καλή απόδοση σε σχέση με τις φιλοδοξίες των γηπεδούχων.Στην Ελβετία βρίσκουμε το over στον αγώνα Σεντ Γκάλεν-Τουν στο 1,90 σε κάποιες εταιρίες του διαδικτύου.Σαμπντόρια-Ίντερ διπλό,μπορεί και από ημίχρονο.

Τσεκάρετε τις αποδόσεις που προσφέρει η παρακάτω εταιρία και πάρτε bonus 100% της αρχικής σας κατάθεσης μέχρι 50 euro!!! 


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 26/02/2011 | 3:30:00 pm

                                            RESULT : 8/14 SUCCESS 57,1 %

Good   afternoon !!!

Spartacus  on  fire  as  you  can  see  and  you  earn  much....

Today     we   have   to  choose   from

g-g   Cologne

Schalke   seems  to  take  betting

A.Villa   to  win

Over  Wolves  -  g-g  can  also  appear  here

Over  Middlesbrough

Burnley   with  risk  to  win 2(X) to  be covered

Over  Ipswich

Over  Atletico

Austria W  to  win  away

Monaco   to  win

Sy  Etienne   to  win

g-g  Bayern M  / over  secondly

St  Liege   to  win

Over  Real  M



Good morning my friends ANOTHER GREAT day for the blog with TOTAL SUCCESS 7/7 and great tips like correct score for Wolfs. and over 3,5 for two dutch games!!!! When you can please SUPPORT us via DONATE!!! THANK YOU!!!

Many games today and i will give many tips and a system (not to be counted for my % success)

system: (
Espanyol - Real Sociedad 1,

Alemannia Aachen - Hertha Berlin2,
Bayern München - Borussia Dortmund
1 (and with handicap 1 goal for the more risky),
FC St. Pauli - Hannover 96 2,
NAC Breda - ADO Den Haag
Roda JC - De Graafschap 1 (with handicap 1 goal)

Deportivo La Coruña - Real Madrid OVER

Espanyol - Real Sociedad 1 as home team is better

Zürich - Bellinzona 1 and over

NAC Breda - ADO Den Haag 2X open double chance as Haag is a better team

Heracles Almelo - Vitesse
 OVER as both teams can score
Roda JC - De Graafschap 1 and over, home team can easily win today

Panathinaikos - Atromitos 1 and over

Kerkyra - Olympiakos Volou 2X open double chance as Volos is better

Bayern München - Borussia Dortmund 1 and for the risky ones 1/1 too, it is time for Bayern to prove that they are the best and this period of time they are for sure

Kaiserslautern - Hamburger SV home team is weak defensively but good offensively so OVER and with risk over 3,5

FC St. Pauli - Hannover 96 2X open double chance (2 for therisky ones), ok home team is tough but Hannover is strong this period of time

1899 Hoffenheim - FSV Mainz X2 open double chance and 2-3 goals too

Alemannia Aachen - Hertha Berlin 2X open double chance to be sure but for me 2 as well with great odd 2,35

Arminia Bielefeld - SC Paderborn 07 OVER and 2 for the risky ones

Wolves - Blackpool both teams are weak defensively so OVER will be my main choice


Written By Unknown on 25/02/2011 | 1:30:00 pm

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 24/02/2011 | 6:20:00 pm

Hi   my  friends  !

Another   tournament   today   that  is  Europa 

League   and   we  wish  to  make  a   new 

start   ..!

PSV  to  win/over  secondly

Villareal  to   win

2-3  goals  Ajax

Braga   to  win

Over   Man  City

Benfica  with   risk  to  win

Over   Basel  - good  indication  now



Good morning my friends congratulations to Basketikos with his 4/4 he has given you money again. Unfortunately football has become very difficult last days and i think for this period of time lay 0-0 is the best. Today i think many goals will be scored as usual in the second games of UEFA. Lets see all the games one by one:

Villareal - SSC Napoli away team has a great game against Milan on Monday so i dont know if they fight today, G/G and then 1!!!

VfB Stuttgart - Benfica X2 open double chance and G/G but for sure Benfica is better

Paris SG - Bate Borisov 1 and over as Bate can score too

FC Twente - Rubin home team is very good but they have won so no reason to fight, 2-3 goals with risk

Dynamo Kyiv - Besiktas JK again after 4-1 of the first game what to say, G/G with risk

Manchester C - Aris Thessaloniki FC OVER but with risk, if home team scores early then over has chances so it is better to be played in live

AFC Ajax - RSC Anderlecht  3-0 of the first game was totally irrational as Anderlecht lost a penalty and home team scored 3 goals with 4-5 chances!! So Ander to score with odd 1,5 and X2 open double chance

Sporting Braga - Lech Poznan the game is not so easy as the odd given for 1 shows. So be careful. UNDER for me

Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Metalist just NO BET for the risky ones away team to score

PSV - Lille both teams have very difficult games for the championship this weekend so we dont know what they prefer! G/G will be my main choice

Spartak Moskva - Basel OVER but with risk as Spartak has won the first game

Sporting CP - Rangers with this Sporting i wont say 1 for sure. So for me X2 open double chance and in a system 2 too.

FC Zenit St. Petersburg - BSC Young Boys 1 and over, i dont think home team will lose the chance to go further they are sure better

Liverpool FC - AC Sparta Praha 1 and 2-3 goals

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 23/02/2011 | 4:50:00 pm

                                      RESULT :  1/6  SUCCESS  16,6%

Good   afternoon  !!

  One   more  day    with   matches   from   Champions   and   we  go  straightforward  to  our  choices

g-g  Marseille   I  think   to  be  a  good  choice

2-3  goals  Inter/  second  tip  victory  for  home  team

Over  Arsenal 

Over   Porto

Motherwell  to   win-good  indication  now

Estudiantes   to   win

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 22/02/2011 | 7:38:00 pm

                                                RESULT : 2/5  SUCCESS 40%

Hi  !!

Champions   league  today  !!

Let  us   see   some  matches

g-g  Chelsea   I  think  a  good  bet  due  to  the  condition  of  the British  team  now/second  tip  victory  for  away  team

Under   Real  M 

Over   Brighton

Over   Norwich

Southampton   to   win



Good morning my friends bad days for football betting the last ones and i think this time it is really the best to bet for goals (as we dont know how many teams with no interest will behave). So for me lay 0-0 is the best for this period of time, sure money, check it here

My tips are the following :

Grimsby - Forest Green 1

Peterborough - Colchester 1 with risk

Norwich - Doncaster 1

Leeds - Barnsley 1 all my english tips are of risk as i am not the best there

Lyon - Real Madrid G/G as both teams can score

FC København - Chelsea 1X open double chance and for the risky ones 1 too as away team is nothing special this year and home team really has a very well organized team which no one can beat easily!!!

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 20/02/2011 | 5:07:00 pm

                                                     RESULT : 6/10  SUCCESS 60%
Good   afternoon  my  friends  !!

 Sorry   for  the  time  but  I  was   busy  ,  let's   see   from   now  on   what  we  can  do- very  poor  performance  yesterday  unfortunately

Almeria  to  win

Over  Osasuna

Over  Eindhoven

P S G  with  risk  to  win

Lille  2(X)

g-g  Hetafe/  secondly  Over

2-3  goals  Schalke

Anderlecht  to   win

Sevilla  to  win /  over  second  tip

g-g  Aek  for  Greek  Superleague



Good morning my friends i wont say anything for the greek derby just DISGUSTING hope one time sth will be done!!!!!!

In betting so and so for me but i suggested some great tips like 2 of Roda with odd 4!!!! and the bomb of Valencia X with odd 3,65!!!! In a hurry tips for today but be careful this month is awful but i survived:

Lecce - Juventus OVER with good odd

Westerlo - Anderlecht 2 and 2/2 with risk

AA Gent - Standard 1 as home team is much better

Villarreal - Málaga OVER

Bellinzona - Luzern 2 and over

Bayer Leverkusen - VfB Stuttgart 1 and over

Lazio - Bari 2-3 GOALS and 1/1

Ajax - VVV Venlo OVER 

FSV Frankfurt - Karlsruher SC OVER and X2 open double chance as away team has the interest

ADO Den Haag - Feyenoord home team is much better so 1 but with risk hope they dont want to save Feye in this game 

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 19/02/2011 | 3:58:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!!

Many   games   in  Europe   while   weather   conditions   are  not   the  best  everywhere  so   we  have

to  be  careful  !!! 

g-g  Hamburg /  second  tip  victory  for  home  team 

Over  Dortmund

Over   Portsmouth  /  2ndly  we  can  trust  here  home  team - betting  good  indication  now but a  game  in  Britain  is  always  strange !

QPR   I  have  the  impression  they   win  today

g-g  Middlesbrough

Asteras  Tr.  to  win   from  Greek   League

Bayern  M    to  win    away

Sturm  Gr    to   win

2-3  goals  Bologna/  2nd  tip  with  risk  here home  team  to  win

Over   Auxerre

Over  Inter/ g-g  also

Over  Atletico M



Good morning my friends so and so yesterday but i was too unlucky, lost Utrecht in 90 min. , lost Sparta over although it was 0-2 from the first half and also lost correct score of Frankfurt in the last minutes!!! But ok betting needs luck as well!!!

Lets see what we have for today:

FC Groningen - Roda JC X2 open double chance i like this team but ok the tip is risky as home team is powerful too. Hope Roda wont disappoint me

SC Heerenveen - AZ G/G will be my main choice

Excelsior - Willem II 1 but with a bit risk although home team is powerful in their home

Club Brugge - Lokeren i dont know what they want in Lokeren they can take a point today they are a good team but Club is the big name!!! Time for relations??? I will risk it G/G and X2 open double chance

Charleroi - Sint-Truiden 1X open double chance, home team wont lose for sure but the game is difficult, personally i will risk for 1 in a system

Zaragoza - Atlético Madrid OVER as both teams can score and odd is good around 1,85!!! OVER 3,5 for the risky ones

Valencia - Sporting Gijón hme team players will be tired from CHL and Sporting is a tough team so it wont be easy. 2-3 goals is my main choice and only for the very risky ones X2 open double chance

Bologna - Palermo 2-3 goals seems possible but ok with the risk that this bet has

SC Paderborn 07 - Alemannia Aachen OVER as we have 2 teams with no interest which can play offensively

Hamburger SV - Werder Bremen G/G has an odd 1,6!!! It seems a present also i will risk with 2X open double chance as i dont think they will let Werder to relegate to German 2. In a system 2 is great with odd 4!!!!

Hannover 96 - Kaiserslautern home team is better but Kaiser has great offense so i will bet for G/G firstly and 1 then!!! 


Written By Unknown on 18/02/2011 | 11:07:00 am


Good morning my friends very good day again for me as i was here to protect you and suggest 3 surprises with great odds and i mean X2 of PSV, 2X of Porto and 2X of Dinamo Kiev!!! Also i suggested you to avoid Liverpool and Napoli and i was right in the end. Only Zenit astonished me and for sure i didnt expect to lose. The good thing is that it is a sure 1 for next week!!!

Today mostly for fun as we have Holland and the foxy German 2!!!

Leiria - Vitória Guimarães over 1,5 with odd around 1,55 and over 2,5 too with a bit risk and odd 2,35!!!

FC Utrecht - Heracles Almelo 1 as home team  is powerful in their home

FC Nürnberg - Eintracht Frankfurt 1(X) home team is for sure better this period of time but ok the game is difficult 2-3 goals for the risky ones. Possible corect score 1-0 or 2-1

Sparta - Stormvogels/Telstar OVER

Almere City FC - FC Dordrecht OVER and 2 for the risky ones

FC Ingolstadt 04 - Greuther Fürth G/G over and for the risky ones over 3,5 too

VfL Bochum - Fortuna Düsseldorf 1 and over but as i said German 2 is many times wird. Normally home team must win this game as Dussel. has no interest

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 17/02/2011 | 5:21:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!

What   should  we  say   when   we  lose  our   low  tips  such  as NottF  and  we  win  the  big  odds  like Queens  Park .....

Let's   try   with  Europa  league   today

g-g  Anderlecht

Over   Benfica

Basel  to  win -  good  indication(over  can  come  too)

g-g  Sevilla

Over  Zenit

Liverpool   with  risk  to  win

g-g  Lille

Napoli  to  win



Good afternoon my friends very good day again for us yesterday both in football and in basketball. I lost only Hamburg and i wonder how they managed to lose. Lets see in a hurry an estimation for all the games of Europa:

Lille - PSV the dutch team has a big history is a good team so i think the odd for 1 is too low. X2 open double chance!!!

PAOK - PFC CSKA Moskva tough game CSKA is better but has crucial absences today. G/G in this game as i think CSKA will score for sure

Basel - Spartak Moskva G/G is my main choice

BSC Young Boys - FC Zenit St. Petersburg 2 and for the risky ones 2/2. The odd is great and if the game was before 2 months i would say 2 is sure.

Sevilla FC - FC Porto with the defense of Sevilla it will be a surprise if Porto doesnt score so G/G and 2X open double chance

AC Sparta Praha - Liverpool FC 2-3 goals and 2 but the fact that many will bet for Liverpool scares me

Rangers - Sporting CP 1X open double chance and for the risky ones like me 1 too. Sporting has many problems and normally they will lose today

Benfica - VfB Stuttgart be aware of the Germans i suggest OVER as i think away team can score too

Lech Poznan - Sporting Braga G/G although it is risky

Besiktas JK - Dynamo Kyiv home team has problems so i would say NO BET but personally i will risk with 2X open double chance, quite risky choice of course

SSC Napoli - Villareal i would say watch out home team fights to win the championship in Italy so i dont know if they want to go further, i will risk with UNDER in this game!!!

BATE - PSG away team has a very good team this year so 2X open double chance and for the risky ones 2 as well!!!

Anderlecht - Ajax it is a very difficult game but i think this period of time home team is a bit better. Both are very good offensively but my first choice will be 1X open double chance and g/g then!


Europaleague tonight and here are some good tips for me with high risk

Young Boys-Zenit  2


Sevilla-Porto Over 2,5 goals

Bate-PSG  2

Rangers-Sporting 1

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joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 16/02/2011 | 8:05:00 pm

                                           RESULT : 2/4 SUCCESS 50%

Good    afternoon  !!

Let's   see    today   if   we   can   do  a  good   job   than  the  previous  one  !   Most   players  who 

risked  for  Champions   found   their  money  lost  with  the  weird  results !

Barcelona   to  win /  over  second  tip

g-g   Roma / over  secondly

Nottm  F   to  win-good  indication  now

Queens  Park   from  big  odds   with  risk



Good morning my friends what to say about yesterday just hope you didnt bet lot of money on CHL. Hopefully Aris didnt lose as expected and gave us a good odd!!! Today again we go with low bets as usually in the first games surprises may arise!!

Westerlo - Lokeren away team is better but both seems not to have interest, i will bet for G/G and over then with great odd 2,05!!! Personally i will risk with over 3,5 too but in trading!!!

G. Beerschot - AA Gent ok away team is for sure better but when the other team fights not to relegate i cant say easily bet on 2. So double chance 2X to be sure and with risk X/2!!!

 AS Roma - FC Shakhtar Donetsk G/G as my team Roma is great offensively but weak defensively. Roma has problems in their last games and i think the great problem is the absence of Pizzaro in the middlefield. He is a great game organizer and for sure Roma misses his great assists and control game!!! But with Vucinic in offense for me it is sure that Roma will score. The bad is that Roma defenders are a bit slower than Shakhtar offenders. Thanx God Doni wont be the goalkeeper!!!

Hamburger SV - FC St. Pauli 1 but maybe not so easy, it is the last for home team to catch the train for UEFA
Sampdoria - Genoa under with such teams

Arsenal - FC Barcelona G/G home team knows that today they must score a goal at least, in any other case they have no hope to go further!!! So propably they will play offensively and that makes it easier for Barcelona to score too!!! For special bets Barcelona over 1,5 and many corners too!!! (over 10,5 has an odd 2,05 which is very good) 

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 15/02/2011 | 7:30:00 pm

                                                                             RESULT :2/5 SUCCESS 40%

Let's   see   quickly   what   we  have   for  today

Valencia  to  win -  good  indication  also

2-3 goals  Milan/ g-g  second  choice

Over   Watford 

Over  Cardiff

Bournemouth   to  win 

Velez   to  win


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 14/02/2011 | 5:06:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!                               RESULT : 2/5SUCCESS 40%

   Have  a  nice  week  !
  We   expected   more   than   the   weak  percentage   for  Sunday   but   we   go   on

Chelsea  to  win/over  secondly

Lanus  to  win  with  risk -good  indication

Fener   to  win

Metz   to  win

Over  Mallorca /  g-g  second  tip

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 13/02/2011 | 3:04:00 pm

                                                   RESULT : 5/13 SUCCESS 38,4%
Good    afternoon  !!!

Let's   try   our  luck   one    more  day   but   we   could   even  better  than  7/11 , at  least   Spartacus 

took   you   from   the   hand   and   gave   you   -what  else-  but   money  !!!  Quickly   to  our  tips

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Ajax   to   win

g-g   Udineze  /  secondly  Over

Catania   must   take  the  match   today

Over   Cologne

Larissa   for   Greek   Superleague   no margin  for  bad  results

Valencienne  with   much  risk  -  takes  betting, good  indication  now

Over   Sociedad

Over  La  Coruna

Over   Werder 

Besiktas  to  win

Real  M   to  win

Lille   to  win

g-g   Juventus  / over  second  choice

Spartacus 9/11 yesterday


Good morning my friends i will post early today due to work!!! Yesterday the day was SUPEEER as i have suggested great tips like 1X of Panionios, 1X of Kaiser, X2 of Eupen and many other!!!! WE ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

If you want to support us just sign up through the next banner (you have to give just an e-mail). ΣΤΗΡΙΞΤΕ ΜΑΣ κάνοντας μια απλή εγγραφή στο ακόλουθο banner (δίνεται απλώς ένα e-mail)!!! EYXARISTOYME!!!!

Tips for today:

Young Boys - Zürich OVER 

Dundee United - Celtic 2

NAC Breda - SC Heerenveen G/G and over 3,5 with risk

Roda JC - Ajax 1X open double chance with great odds as home team is good 

Standard - RC Genk OVER but it is marginal (2-3 for the risky ones). With risk 2 but it is a derby only for low bets

Espanyol - Real Madrid home team is great offensively and they give me 1,65 for just a goal. So i take it and i will risk with 1X open double chance too!!!!

Málaga - Getafe OVER as both teams are weak defensively

Bari - Genoa 2-3 goals and possible correct score 1-1 or 0-2

Palermo - Fiorentina OVER as home team has a great offense, odd is good around 1,95

FC Köln - FSV Mainz G/G will be my main bet and for the risky ones 2X open double chance


Written By Unknown on 12/02/2011 | 3:23:00 pm

joker !!!

Good   morning  !!                                  RESULT  :  7/11 SUCCESS 63,6 %

Let's   suppose   everything   shall  go  well    during   the   weekend   ,  we   want   to    do  a  good  job !!!

g -g  Man  City

Over   Leverkusen / g-g  secondly

Over   Bayern  M

Over   Arsenal

A. Villa   with  risk  to  win 2(X) /  over  secondly,g-g

Leicester  to  win  away

P . S. G.  to  win

Bordeaux   to   win

Over   Atletico  M

g-g  Roma /  2-3 goals

Over   Sevilla

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 09/02/2011 | 5:44:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!

Let's  hope  today   will   continue   like   yesterday   although   we   had  stressed    just  for  ''fun''

Russia   to  win

Spain   to  win/ over  second  tip

Croatia   with   risk  to  win  /  2-3  goals  second  choice

Over   Netherlands

Hungary   to  win

Switzerland  to  win /  Over

Belgium   to  win

g-g   Argentina

g-g     France

Spartacus - bet sites

Good morning my friends Joker and Basketikos were great yesterday and we earned good money. Today friendly games and i suggest you shall avoid them!!! So for 2 days i will present you some bet sites:

BETSSON: Very good bet site with EXCHANGE as well like betfair and very good odds!! For the GREEKS they give 100 euro BONUS to start

UNIBET: A very good company with good odds and many betting choices! The big advantage of Unibet is its BONUS which for GREEKS is up to 250 EURO!!!!

BETFAIR: It is the site with the best odds especially for live betting and of course the best odds for lay 0-0 (sth like over 0,5 goal). For those who just look for a goal in a game to win easily BETFAIR is the best choice

Για τους Έλληνες :

For the foreigners :

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 08/02/2011 | 5:45:00 pm

RESULT : 4/4  100% SUCCESS

Good  afternoon !!

Only   for  fun  today

Ivory  Coast  to  win

Rochdale  to  win/Over  secondly

Huddersfield  to   win /  over  second  tip

Over  U21  France

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 06/02/2011 | 3:21:00 pm

RESULT : 5/13  39% SUCCESS

Good   afternoon !! 

Let's   hope  today  it  will  go   better  than  the  bad   previous  one  

Over   Groningen

Twente   with  risk  to  win /  over  secondly

g-g  Lazio

Over   Napoli

Milan  to  win/  over  second  choice

Basel   to   win

g-g  Chelsea

Over   Sevilla

Over   Cl  Brugge

Lyon   to  win

Benfica   to   win 

Over  Inter

Over   Valencia 

Spartacus - 2 of De Haag with odd 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 05/02/2011 | 4:03:00 pm

RESULT : 8/14  58% SUCCESS

Good    afternoon !!!

We   have   important   events   today   and   let's   see   if   we   can   do  a   good  job 

Over  Werder

Over   Man  City

Bayern  M   to  win/ over second tip

Hoffenheim  to  win

Millwall  to  win / over  secondly

g-g  Crewe  /  over  secondly

Over  Portsmouth

Over  Villareal

g-g  Bilbao

2-3  goals  Zaragoza

Udineze  to  win  today

Over  Marseille

g-g  Juventus

Over  Barcelona
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