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joker !!

Written By Unknown on 31/03/2012 | 3:49:00 pm

                                              RESULT : 8/15  SUCCESS  53.3 %

                                                               GOALS   IN    Q  P  R

                                     Good     afternoon  !!

     Many    matches   today    and   we   have   selected   for   you

    Bayern  M   to     win

   g-g   Leverkusen

    g-g   Werder  /  over   is   coming..

   Over   Wolves

    Over   Man   City

   Over   Arsenal

   g-g    Ipswich

   Plymouth   to    win

   Over   Milan /  g-g  secondly

   g-g    Hertha  B

   Sochaux    to   win

   Bordeaux    to   win

   P S G   to   win

  Over   Barcelona

   g-g    Benfica  /  second  tip  1  for  home  team

                                                                       GOOD   LUCK  !!


Good morning many big odds yesterday from my e-mail tips (contact us here : 1 Numancia odd 2,0 ...... over 3,5 Utrecht odd 2,35 ......... 1 with handicap Brugge odd more than 2,5 and G/G Dortmund odd 1,85 ......... For today 2 big odds:

Leverkusen -Freiburg OVER 4,5 with super odd but always trading if u can

PSV-Venlo OVER 4,5 with good odd

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 29/03/2012 | 7:39:00 pm

                           RESULT :   4/4  SUCCESS 100 %

                                                AVE    ATLETICO   !!

             Our    choices    for   Europa   League

    Atletico  M   to   win

    g-g   Schalke / over   is  coming..

    Over   Metalist

   g-g   Alkmaar  /  over   too

                                                        GOOD  LUCK  


Good afternoon my friends after last weekend when 2 big odds passed easily i go today for a risky choice:

Sporting - Metallist 2 with odd 3,8 ....... home team is not good defensively and this may cost to them as away team has fast players

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 27/03/2012 | 7:48:00 pm

                        RESULT : 2/5 SUCCESS 40 %

                                       BOTH   SCORE   IN  CYPRUS  !!

   Good    afternoon  !!

   Our    choices   for   today

  g-g   Real  M / over  can  come

  Over   Tottenham

   g-g   Leicester

  Over  Portsmouth

  Aldershot   to   win

                                                          GOOD   LUCK !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 25/03/2012 | 3:10:00 pm




                             WITH    NAPOLI   !!

          Good     afternoon  !!

    After   a   very  good    Saturday    we   have   matches   for  Sunday   so  we   have

    Napoli   to   win

    Parma   to  win

   g-g    Genoa /  over   very  close

   Giannina    to   win   for  Greek  Superleague

   g-g   West  Brom /  over   secondly

   Over   Dortmund /  g-g  can  come

   Galatasaray   to  win

   Paok    with   risk     to   win

   Betis   to   win

   Over   Juventus

   g-g    Bordeaux /  over   afterwards   very  possible

                                                            GOOD     LUCK  !!


AMAZING DAY yesterday again as Joker had 10/11 giving you MUCH MONEY and one of my big odds passed over 4,5 of Venlo!!! We are NO1!!!

For today a bit difficult for big odds but ok lets risk:

Vallecano - Villareal OVER 3,5 with odd 3,2 as away team must win this game!!

Heracles - Utrecht OVER 3,5 with odd 3,0 home team is better for sure but they are tired from cup (played extra time) so both can score.......

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 24/03/2012 | 3:39:00 pm

                        RESULT : 10/11 SUCCESS 90.9%

                               GOALS  IN   MUNICH  !!

                Good    afternoon !!

     Our    choices    for    today

  g-g  Bolton / over  very  close

  Over   Bayern  M  /  4-6  goals  for  more  risky

  Tranmere   to   win

  Over   Leicester

   Schalke  to   win

  Over    Milan /  g-g   likely

   Lille   with  risk  to   win

   Lyon   to  win

   Over   Real   M

  g-g    Palermo /  over  close  for  me

   Valencia    with    risk  to  win

                                                           GOOD    LUCK  !!


Good morning lets go for BIG ODDS again:

Gladbach - Hoffenheim OVER 4,5 with odd more than 4 and trading of course

Hereenveen - Venlo OVER 4,5 with odd more than 3 and traind again

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 23/03/2012 | 3:45:00 pm

                RESULT : 5/7 SUCCESS 71.4 %

                                           BOTH  SCORE IN WOLFSBURG     !!!

           Good     afternoon  !!

   Our   choices   for   today  

  g-g   Munich  1860 / over  for  me  very   likely

  Molde   to  win

   Fortuna  S    to   win   good   indication

   Monaco    to  win

  g-g   Wolfsburg / over  secondly   and  tip  1  with  more  risk

   Villareal  B   to   win   with  risk

   Benfica   to   win

                                                         WEEKEND   IS   COMING .. 


Good morning my friends back again for BIG ODDS and i go to Wales League today for a game that promises goals but always with TRADING if you have the chance as i suggest odds more than 3!!

The New Saints - Prestatyn Town OVER 4,5 with odd more than 3 as home team is much better

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT BONUS that BETFAIR offers: ΓΡΑΦΤΕΙΤΕ στην BETFAIR και πάρτε bonus μέχρι 200 EURO!!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 21/03/2012 | 7:22:00 pm

                         RESULT :  6/7  SUCCESS 85.7 %

                                                          WITH   TOTTENHAM !!!

         Good    afternoon !!

    Our   choices   for   today

   Over    Valencia

    Over   Atletico  M

   Kortraik   to  win

   g-g   Man  City

  Over   Leicester

   Over   P S G

   Real   M   to   win

                                           GOOD   LUCK  !!


Good afternoon back again for big odds:

Heerenveen - PSV OVER 4,5 with odd 3,5 and trading both score easily it is a cup so probably they will play offensively

Villareal - Real OVER 4,5 with odd 4 and trading

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 19/03/2012 | 4:45:00 pm

                    RESULT : 3/5 SUCCESS 60 %

                                GOALS   IN  ROMA !

               Have   a   nice   new   week  !

     We    could   even   better   again   and   again  I   think   some  time  we  will   take  our ''blood'' back ..

     Today   just   for  fun

     Over   Roma /  g-g  very  likely  for  me

     Espanyol    to   win /  g-g   also  secondly

    Besiktas   to  win

     g-g    Fortuna  D /  X2  for  me  covered  secondly

    Sporting  L   to  win  away


2 of Feyenord yesterday odd 5,8!!!!

Good morning my friends altough i am not satisfied BIG ODDS were given again from my tips, odds that you find so often only here:

OVER 3,5 Hamburg odd 2,9 .............. OVER 4,5 PSV odd 3,1 ........... 2 Feyenord odd 5,8!!!! And medium ones (considered big in other sites) Gent with handicap odd 2,2 ............. Westerlo OVER 3,5 odd 2,5 .......... Ergotelis 1,9 ............... For my e-mail tips contact us here:

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 18/03/2012 | 3:31:00 pm

                  RESULT :  7/12 SUCCESS 58.3 %

                              GOALS   IN  CATANIA !!

             Good     afternoon  !!

    We   had   good   results   especially   for   our   first   choices   yesterday    however   things  changed

    late  at   night   when   many   teams  did  not  manage   to  make  their  ''duty''

    Over    Catania /  g-g  for  me  is  very  likely

   Lecce   to  win   good  indication

   Inter   to    win

   Schalke   with    risk   to   win

   g-g   Mallorca

   g-g   Hannover

   Newcastle   to   win

    Over   Alkmaar

   Over   Bilbao / second   tip  1  for  home  team

   Over   Udineze

   Lille   to   win

   Over   Real  M  / 4-6 goals secondly  with  risk

                                                                          GOOD  LUCK !!


Good morning my friends one big odd passed yesterday with trading giving us good money, lets see today:

PSV - Hereenveen OVER 4,5 with odd 3,1 is very good as both score easily

Twente - Feyenord OVER 4,5 with odd 4,5 is super but with trading always

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 17/03/2012 | 3:21:00 pm

                       RESULT :  9/ 16 SUCCESS 56.3 %

                                TIME   FOR   JUVE  !!

            Good    afternoon  !

   Many    games   as   championships   go   ahead   to   their   last   period   so   we   have

    Over   Hamburg /  g-g  here  is  more than  possible

    Over   Dortmund

    g-g   Leverkusen

    g-g   Ipswich / over   too

    Reading   to   win

    Cartagena   to  win  good  indication

   Ergotelis   for  Greek  superleague  to  win

    Over  Tottenham

   P S G  to  win

  Bordeaux   to  win /  over  secondly

 Monpellier  with  risk   for  victory

 Over   Fener

  g-g   Sevilla  /  over  and  4-6 goals  with  more  risk

  Juventus   for   victory   today

 Braga   to   win

  g-g   Lyon

  Over   Vallecano

                                                      GOOD   LUCK  !!



Good morning my friends back again for BIG ODDS to win good money again (for e-mail tips contact us:

Hamburg - Freiburg OVER 4,5 with odd more than 4 and trading as well

Venlo - Neimegen 1 with handicap odd more than 4,5!!!!

joker ! !

Written By Unknown on 16/03/2012 | 3:55:00 pm

                                GOOD    AFTERNOON  !!

     Have   a   nice   Friday  !

    We   are   together   again   after  a   short   break   due  to   personal   obligations  .  Today   we   have

     some   tips   just   and   only   for   our   entertainment . .  

     Over    Eintracht  F  

      Over   Vitesse

    Sparta   Rott      to  win

    g-g   Hoffenheim /  over  is  close   for  me

    Porto   to  win

   Over   Benfica

                                                             GOOD   LUCK  !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 14/03/2012 | 7:10:00 pm

                            RESULT : 2/3 SUCCESS 66.6 %

                                GOALS  IN  MADRID  !!

       Good   afternoon  !!

   We   have   for   one   more  day  games   for  CH L    so  we   keep   going

   Real   M   to  win /  a  more  risky  choice here 4-6 goals while g-g  is  likely

   Chelsea  to  win  /  over   secondly   and  g-g

   Over   Fluminense

                                                          GOOD   LUCK !!


Good afternoon we won yesterday with trading , final score 2-2 and today we go for Real:

Real - CSKA OVER 5,5 with odd 5!!! Trading of course as home team will try to score at least 2 goals in the first half


Written By Unknown on 13/03/2012 | 1:59:00 pm

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 11/03/2012 | 3:12:00 pm

                              WITH   JUVE    !

       Let's    hope   in   a  better   Sunday   the   bad   results   keep    lasting    but   we   have   to   go   on


    Juventus   to   win I  will  trust it  this  tip /  secondly   I  think  g-g  and  over  can  come

    Over   Milan

    Siena   with   much risk   to   win

   Werder W   to  win /  g-g  too

    Panaitolikos   for  victory   in  a struggle  to   survive

    Over   Norwich

    g-g   Valencia

    Over   Schalke

    Benfica   to   win

    P S G   can   take   the  match  away

    Udineze   to  win

    Over   Barcelona

     Lazio    to   win

     Over   Osasuna /  g-g  for  me  more  than   likely

                                                                         GOOD  LUCK


Good morning my friends back again for 2 BIG ODDS for today from my beloved leagues, Holland and Germany:

Ajax - Waalvaaik OVER 4,5 with odd 3 and of course trading if we have the chance, home team is much better

Werder - Hannover 1 with handicap and odd 3,5 as home team is better in their home and Hannover will be tired from Europa

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 10/03/2012 | 3:58:00 pm

                         RESUT :  4/11  SUCCESS  36.3 %

                        GOALS   IN  WOLFSBURG  !!

      Good     afternoon !!

   I    would    suggest   that    it   is   strange   the   programme   today  but   let's  make  some  proposals

   g-g   Wolfsburg /  over   is  very   close

   Over   Blackpool  /  second  tip  2  for  the  guest  team

   Over  West  Ham

   Sturm  G    to   win

   Dortmund  to   win

   Sion   to   win

   g-g   Tottenham

   Over   Sevilla  / g-g  for  me  quite  possible

   Evian   to  win

   g-g   Roma / Over   likely

   g-g   Lyon

                                                    GOOD  LUCK  !!


Written By Unknown on 09/03/2012 | 1:02:00 pm

Gooood morning my friends weekend is coming and we warm up with a game from my beloved team in Holland and this is Roda. They are much better from Venlo and normally they shall win easily. But we go for goals and trading:

Roda - Venlo OVER 4,5 with odd 3,8 and trading if we have the chance

For my e-mail tips contact us here:

My % success in e-mail tips can be seen here: 

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 08/03/2012 | 3:40:00 pm

                   RESULT : 3/6  SUCCESS  50 %

                                        EUROPA  LEAGUE !!

                   Good     afternoon  !

    Another    day   with   greek   participation      today   in   Ukraine . .  Of   course   many  congratulations

    to   Apoel    .. !

    Man  City   to   win

    g-g   Metalist

    Alkmaar   to   win  /over  very   easy  for  me g-g too

   Valencia   to   win / g-g  can  come

   Man  Un   to   win

   g-g   St   Liege

                                               Good   Luck !!


Written By Unknown on 07/03/2012 | 6:58:00 pm

                                                RESULT :  2/5  SUCCESS 40 % 

     Good    afternoon !!

  We    are  not   of   course  satisfied   at  all   by   the  last   results   however   we  have  to  continue

    Over   Barcelona

    West  Ham   to  win

  Juve   to   win

  g-g   Apoel  /  over  for  me  can  come  with some  luck

  Tottenham   to   win

                                                             GOOD   LUCK  !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 06/03/2012 | 7:02:00 pm

                      RESULT : 2/6  SUCCESS 33.3 %

                                                   GOALS  IN   LONDON  !!!

Good    afternoon  !!

   We    have   many    interesting   matches   especially  for  CH L   today   so   we   have

   Over   Arsenal /  g-g  rather  sure  for  me   and  with  risk  tip  1  for  home  team

    g-g   Benfica/  second  tip  1

    Leicester   with  risk  to  win   good  indication

    Newport  C    to  win

   Pescara   to   win

   Over   Southampton

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 04/03/2012 | 2:54:00 pm

                                RESULT : 10/12  SUCCESS  83.3 %

                              GOALS   IN    TOTTENHAM  !!!

         Good      afternoon  !!

    In   medium    level    our    performance    for   one   more   day    let's   go  quickly   to   our  choices

   Bursaspor   to  win

   Udineze   to    win

   Over   Roma  /  g-g  easily

   g-g  Lecce /  over   can   come  too /  third  choice  tip 1  for  the  home  team

  Siena   to  win

  Bilbao  to   win / over  secondly

  Olympiakos   to   win

   Over   P S G

  Eindhoven    to    win

   g-g   Tottenham /  over   for  me  can   be  a  gift

  Valencia   with   risk  to  win

  Over   Real   M

                                                     GOOD   LUCK  !!


Gooood morning my friends yesterday when almost all lost WE WON BIG MONEY with 10/12 in my e-mail tips and big odd here. We prove again and again that WE ARE NO1!!!!! For my tips contact us here: ......... για τα tips από e-mail επικοινωνήστε στο

Feyenoord - FC Groningen OVER 4,5 with odd 3,85 and trading...... home team has lost 6-0 in first round and it is time for revenge. away team is good but only in their home

Επειδή καποιοι δε πιστεύουν ποστάρω από ΒETFAIR όπως μου τα στείλε φίλος συνδρομητής για τα λεφτά που έβγαλε χτες από τα tips μας

Ποδόσφαιρο / Παλέρμο - Μίλαν : Over/Under 2.5 Γκολ 03-Μαρ-12 19:00 03-Μαρ-12 19:38 81,00

Ποδόσφαιρο / Αννόβερο - Άουγκσμπουργκ : Over/Under 4.5 Γκολ  03-Μαρ-12 16:30 03-Μαρ-12 18:22 -31,00
Ποδόσφαιρο / Φράιμπουργκ - Σάλκε : Over/Under 2.5 Γκολ 03-Μαρ-12 16:30 03-Μαρ-12 18:13 95,30
Ποδόσφαιρο / Λίβερπουλ - Άρσεναλ : Over/Under 2.5 Γκολ 03-Μαρ-12 14:45 03-Μαρ-12 16:37 29,54

Ποδόσφαιρο / Καρλσούη - Φορτούνα Ντίσελ. : Over/Under 2.5 Γκολ 03-Μαρ-12 14:00 03-Μαρ-12 15:08 90,53
Ποδόσφαιρο / Άνκαραγκουτσου - Εσκίσεχιρσπορ : Over/Under 3.5 Γκολ 03-Μαρ-12 13:00 03-Μαρ-12 14:15 129,47



SUPER SUPER SATURDAY AGAIN with 10/12 in my e-mail tips and a BIG ODD here over 3,5 of Hannover odd 3,8!!!! Some of my e-mail tips were:

Liverpool - Arsenal OVER with odd 1,9 .......... Ankaragücü - Eskisehirspor OVER 3,5 odd 2,1 ........... Karlsruher SC - Fortuna Düsseldorf OVER with odd 1,9 .......... SC Freiburg - Schalke 04 OVER with odd 1,7 .......... Hannover 96 - FC Augsburg OVER with odd 1,95 ..............Palermo - AC Milan OVER with odd 1,7 .......... Barcelona - Sporting Gijón OVER 3,5 with odd 1,8 ........... VVV Venlo - NAC Breda OVER and 1 odd 2,2 ........... AZ - Heracles Almelo OVER 3,5 odd 2,3

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 03/03/2012 | 3:36:00 pm

                                     RESULT :  8/15  SUCCESS 53.3 %

                                                  GOALS  IN      HAMBURG  !!!

                     We   are   together   again    with    a  weekend           full    of   matches

Let's    have    a   quick    look    at   our   programme   that   seems   to   offer   some   choices  today .Then we  have

g-g    Hamburg / over  I   think   can  come  easily

 g-g   Kaizerslautern

 Bayern  M   to  win

g-g   Stoke

  Ipswich   to  win

Aldershot   to  win  good  indication  now

 Vallecano  to  win

 Over   Palermo / g-g  as  both  teams  play  offensively

 Over   Dortmund

S  Ettienne   to  win

 Valenciennes   with   risk  to  win

 Hereenveen  to   win

Over   Alkmaar

Over   Barcelona  and   with  risk 4-6  goals

g-g  Sevilla / over  can  come


                                              GOOD    LUCK  !!

Like last year - Spartacus

Today we celebrate our record ........... last year i have given a system with odd close to 1200 and WE WON!!!! SO today i give in my e-mail tips a system with odd almost 1000!!!! Contact us to our e-mail if you want more info: 

Όποιος θέλει για το σύστημα ας επικοινωνήσει στο ΜΟΝΟ 10 ευρω/μήνα ΓΙΑΤΙ ΓΙΑ ΜΑΣ η απόδοση 2 είναι μικρή μόλις χτες 4/4 στην Ολλανδία β με αποδόσεις πάνω από 2 όλα!!!!!

For today BIG ODDS: Barcelona - Gijon OVER 5,5 with odd more than 4 and trading home team can score at least 4 goals so we have many chances to win

Hannover 96 - FC Augsburg OVER 4,5 odd 8!!!!!!! I will risk it if you want for safer over 3,5 has an odd 3,8 not at all bad for trading  
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