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joker !!

Written By Unknown on 31/01/2012 | 7:52:00 pm

                   RESULT : 3/7 SUCCESS 42.8 %


                            JUVE  FOR  VICTORY  !!

      Our   choices   today  

   g-g  Ipswich / over  very  close  to  appear

   Hull   to   win

  Over   Milwall

  Lokeren   to   win

  Juventus   to  win

  Man  City   can   take  the  victory  away

  Over  Man  Un

  Bilbao   to   win

                                                          GOOD   LUCK  !!


Hi mates after so many good odds we keep on carefully weather is getting really bad in Europe so watch out!!!

TotTenHam - Wigan OVER 4,5 with odd 4,7 and trading always as home team is for sure much much better

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 30/01/2012 | 6:56:00 pm


                        RESULT : 2/4 SUCCESS 50%

                                                              FEW     CHOICES  !!

      Have   a    nice   week   !

    In   medium    level   our    choices   for   Sunday  (50%)  but   we    have   to   go   on   . . .

    Today   we  shall   go  very   carefully

   g-g   Atletico  M  /  over  is  very  close /  even  tip  2  for  the  guest  team  seems  apparent

   g-g   Braga

  Besiktas   to  win

  Ivory  Coast   to  win

                                                                   GOOD   LUCK ! 


Καλημέρα σας ΣΟΥΠΕΡ ΑΠΟΔΟΣΕΙΣ κ αυτό το ΣΚ στα tips από e-mail αλλά 2 και από εδώ και σίγουρα όσοι παίζουν μονά και έξυπνα (με trading) έβγαλαν καλά λεφτά!!! Ο χειμώνας είναι δύσκολος στοιχηματικά και για αυτό επιμένω να παίζεται κυρίως μονά!! Ακολουθούν κάποια από τα μεγάλα σημεία που έδωσα

Big odds AGAIN again from my e-mail tips and 2 here last weekend:

Gent - Sint-Truiden OVER 4,5 with odd 5!!!!!! ..............Roda -AZ 1 with odd 4!!!! ............ Real Betis - Granada OVER with odd 2 .......... FSV Mainz - SC Freiburg OVER with odd 1,9 won from 20 min!!!!! ................Palermo - Novara 1 with handicap odd 2,35 ............. FC Twente - FC Groningen OVER 4,5 odd 4,2!!!!!! .............. NEC - ADO Den Haag 1 with handicap odd 3,2!!!!!

For new sign ups contact us here:

Για νέες εγγραφές επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στο παραπάνω e-mail

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 29/01/2012 | 2:51:00 pm

                       RESULT : 6 / 12 SUCCESS 50%

                                               WITH    INTER  !  !

      Have   a    nice    Sunday  !!

    Our    performance  ( 8/12 )  can   not   leave   us   satisfied   at   all   but   we   have   to   continue

    . . .

   Our    proposals

   Over    Palermo / g-g  can  come  here

   Inter   to   win

  g-g   Napoli  /  as a  second  tip  2  with  risk

  Over   Roma

  Over   Mainz

  Gladbach   with   much  risk   to  win

  Bordeaux  with  risk  for  victory

  g-g   Arsenal

  Valencia   to  win

  g-g   St  Liege

  Milan   to   win

  Over   Marseille

                                                                GOOD  LUCK !


Good morning my friends both big odds won yesterday Heracles with trading as it was 3-0 from 47 min and easily odd 5 in Belgium. For today:

Palermo - Novara over 3,5 with odd 3,1 as home team is much better

FC Twente - FC Groningen OVER 4,5 with odd 4,2 and trading as both teams can score but especially twente  

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 28/01/2012 | 3:26:00 pm

                     RESULT : 8/12 SUCCESS 66.6 %

                               FOR    VICTORY  !!

             Good     afternoon !!

    Many    matches   from    various   championships   today    and   we   go   immediately   to  see   our


    g-g    Werder

    Over    Dortmund

   Blackpool    to   win  -good   indication   now

   Espanyol    to   win

   Over   Olympiakos

   Catania   must  take  the   match  today

   Over   Schalke

   Over   Lyon

   P  S  G   to  win

   Juventus   to   win

   g-g   Lille

   Over   Barcelona

                                                                       GOOD    LUCK  !!!


Good morning my friends back again for BIG ODDS ............ BE CAREFUL during winter always with trading as this period of time betting is more difficult

Ghent - Sint Truiden over 4,5 with super odd 5!!! but with trading expecting goals to be scored early, home team is much better and usually scores may goals

Heracles - Excelsior over 4,5 with odd 3,9 and trading as home team is by far better and very strong in their home

For more tips contact us in our e-mail: with just 10 euro/month

Για αποδόσεις σε πτώση δείτε εδώ ΜΗ ΔΙΝΕΤΕ λεφτά σε γραμμές 901.... για πράματα που μπορείτε να δείτε και μόνοι σας γιατί τα προγνωστικά σε αυτές τισ γραμμές προέρχονται από το τι παίζεται περισσότερο στο διαδίκτυο!!!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 27/01/2012 | 4:07:00 pm


                               RESULT :  5/7  SUCCESS 71.4 %


                                              TOTTENHAM  FOR  CUP  !!

      Have   a   nice   Friday  !

    In   my  opinion   the   players   of   Tottenham   shall   bear   in   mind   the   institution  of  Cup   so
     I   think   they    will   play   so  that  they   will   finally   take   the   match  !    From   the  rest  programme

    g-g   Hannover /  2-3  goals  as a  total  seems  feasible  to  come

   Over   Eindhoven

   Zwolle    to  win -  this   tip  takes  money   good  indication   for  the  time

   Almere  C   to   win

   Cambuur  to   win

    Guimaraes    to  win

                                                      GOOD   LUCK  !!!


Written By Unknown on 25/01/2012 | 7:09:00 pm

MONEY AND SUPER TIPS from my e-mail tips, yesterday it was 1 with handicap for Anderlecht odd 2,85.... over Espanyol 2,25 and over 3,5 Fleetwood 2,3 ............. TODAY so far the BIG SURPRISE of Atromitos in GREEK cup X with odd 3,25!!!!!!!! OVER 3,5 GALATA odd more than 2 ...... Brugge with handicap around 2,5 ..... Malin 1 odd 2,7   ........... SIMPLY AMAZING cause we have the knowledge!!!!!

ekplhktikes apodoseis

With just 10 euro you get back much much more!!!!!

joker !!

              Good     afternoon !!!

     We    could   achieve   the  absolute   if   it   was   not   for  Roma   that   did  not   score . .

     Let's   see   today    our    proposals

      g-g   Man City  I   think  both  teams  shall  score / whoever  wants  can  risk  for  Man City

     Over   Club   Brugge

     Barcelona   to  win   /  g-g  can  appear  too

      Olympiakos   to  win

                                         GOOD    LUCK  !!

     Internacional    to   win

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 24/01/2012 | 6:58:00 pm

                              RESULT : 3/4  SUCCESS  75 %

                                     FEW    CHOICES  !!

     Good    afternoon !!

    Our   proposals   today

   Over   Anderlecht / second tip 1 for home team

   Torquay   to   win

    g-g   Juventus

   El  Nacional   with  risk  to   win

                                                      GOOD   LUCK !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 23/01/2012 | 7:05:00 pm

                            RESULT : 1/3 SUCCESS 33.3%

                                        FOR   VICTORY  !!

      Have   a   nice    week  !

   Our    performance   could   have   been   even   better  than  9/12  but  ok   we  are  not  dissatisfied  at

   all  !

    Today    few   matches   and    we   make  our   proposals

    g-g   Southampton / very  close  over  too

     Villareal    to   win /  second   tip  here( over)  many goals

     Sp    Lisbon   to   win

                                                          GOOD   LUCK !!




Good morning my friends a good weekend passed and we gained some money, it was not like before 2 weeks with 14/16 but due to some great odds i have given through mail tips we did it again.

Joker was super yesterday with 9/12 tips giving us GOOD MONEY.

Some of my good tips this weekend were:

OVER of Roma and Atletico odd 2 ............. Celtic 2 with handicap odd 1,95 and correct score odd 6!!!! ..... Schalke with handicap more than 3 .... Herenveen with handicap close to 3!!!! .............. ON SUNDAY: SUPER ODD 1 of Venlo with the amazing 7!!!!!!! ......... G/G Real and odd 1,9 .... City with odd 1,85 and under Vitesse close to 2 there were some lower odds but in general i try to give odds greater than 1,6!!!!

Of course some that asked me for Levadeiakos won also, as i told them that OFI will win with great odd, as i say in chat these are greek tricks DONT BELIEVE!!! Unfortunately many sites were suggesting 1 for sure although there is experience of such tricks!!!!

For new sign ups contact us here:


Written By Unknown on 22/01/2012 | 2:45:00 pm

                RESULT : 9/12  SUCCESS 75 %

                                     BAYER  FOR  VICTORY !!

            Good    afternoon !!

    We    remained   at    the  poor( 6/10 ) yesterday    let's  hope   things    will   go  better   today  and

    the   next   days  .    We   have   for    today

    Over  Man  City

    Milan   to   win

    Palermo   with  risk  to   win

    g-g  Arsenal /  over  too  close and  thirdly  tip 2 for  Man UN

    Leverkusen   to   win

    g-g   Dortmund

    Vallecano   to   win

    Olympiakos    to  win

     g-g   Panathinaikos  I   don't  have  confidence  at  least  now  for  Panathinaikos but  whoever wants can play   for  victory

    Over   Real

    Inter   to   win
     Over   Benfica

                                              GOOD  LUCK !!




Good morning my friends 2/3 for big odds yesterday as 2 of them won with trading, goals were scored early and we won. Lets see for today:

Cambuur - Go Ahead Eagles over 4,5 with odd more than 4 and always with trading  

Sparta - FC Dordrecht over 4,5 with odd more than 4 and again with trading so if goals are scored early we always win

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 21/01/2012 | 2:53:00 pm

                                         RESULT : 6/10 SUCCESS 60 %

                  Have   a   nice    Saturday  !!

    When    we   told    you    that   Budesliga   is   not   the   easiest   yesterday,   we   at   least  protected  you

    with   g-g   Bayern M.

    We   have    many   matches    today    among   which    we   have   selected

     Over   Wolfsburg

     Blackpool    to   win

     Peterborough    to  win

     Over   M K  DOns /  second  tip  2  for  the  guest  team 

     Paok    to   win

    Espanyol    to    win

   Over   Roma

   g-g   Werder Wr/  Over  secondly

   Atletico   M   with  risk   to   win

   Juventus   to   win

                                                          GOOD    LUCK  !!!


Good morning my friends yesterday we won again with trading as it was 2-1 from 55 min. and the odd off over 4,5 has fallen from 5,1 to approximately 2,8-3,2 (depends on the bet site). Hope you won in about less than an hour i wll post BIG ODDS for today ............... for my e-mail tips contact us to :

Norwich - Chelsea OVER 3,5 with odd close to 3 and always with trading i repeat it!!!!

Afan Lido - Aberystwyth Town over 4,5 with odd 4,7!!! the game is for Wales cup

De Graafschap - SC Heerenveen
over 4,5 with odd 4,2 as away team is a goals machine for sure

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 20/01/2012 | 5:52:00 pm

                                     RESULT : 3/4  SUCCESS  75%                                                    

                                      WELCOME   BUNDESLIGA  !!!

            We    are   on   Friday   and   we   have   many    matches   so   we   have  chosen for you

     Telstar    to   win

     g-g   Bayern  M / second  tip 2 for  Bayern  M

     Academica   to    win

     Over   St  Truinden

                                      GOOD   LUCK  !!!






Genk - Sint Truiden OVER 4,5 goals with odd 5,1 it is a great odd as home team is much better

Best Goal keeper ever

Written By Unknown on 19/01/2012 | 5:59:00 pm


Written By Unknown on 18/01/2012 | 10:32:00 pm

Kalispera epeidi kapoia paidia opos diabazo sto chat distixos den akolouthoun oti leo k paizoun tis megales apodoseis ksera PARAKALO as akolouthisoun auto pou leo to trading k sigoura tha bgaloul poli perissotera. Oi apodoseis pou dino sinithos einai pano apo 3,5-4,0 opote MIN PAIZETE TO STOIXIMA k feugete apo to pc!!!! Skopos tou trading einai na kerdisoume apo noris giati ta paixnidia pou epilego exoun polles pithanotites na boun goal apo noris.

Paradeigma xtes edosa over 4,5 Leverkusen me apodosi 3,3 ............ sto 8 min. egine to 1-0 k amesos i apodosi tou over 4,5 apo 3,3 epese sto 2 pou simainei OTI EXOUME KERDISEI oti k na rthei sto telos gt aplos kaliptoume me kapoia xrimata to under 4,5 k kerdizoume lefta ITE ERTHEI UNDER ITE OVER!!!

Parakalo paizete panta etsi gia na kerdizete tis perissoteres fores de ginete na kerdame sinexeia apodosei pano apo 4 ksera prepei na paizoume eksipna!!!!

joker !!


                                                   WITH    BILBAO   !!

          Good     afternoon !

            We    did     a  good   job    yesterday   let's   hope  something   alike   for   Wednesday .

    Our   proposals  

  Bilbao  to   win

  Sedan    to  win

  Lens   to   win

  Over  Milan

  g-g   Real  M /  over  is   very  close  to  appear

  Over   St   Liege

 Benfica    to  win

                                                              GOOD  LUCK !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 17/01/2012 | 7:18:00 pm

                           RESULT :  4/4 SUCCESS 100%

              Good     afternoon  !!

         Our    proposals    for   today

       Q P R   to   win

      Over   Milwall

      Over    Espanyol

      Leicester    to  win

                                                      GOOD   LUCK !!


Good afternoon my friends back again after few days away from Athens and i will suggest you a BIG odd for today ALWAYS WITH TRADING dont wait for the game to end you can win easily when goals are scored early!!!

Leverkusen - De Graafschaap OVER 4,5 with odd 3,3 and over 5,5 for too riskies and odd more than 5,5!!! Away team is very weak, the game is friendly and if Lever wants they can score many goals

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 16/01/2012 | 6:16:00 pm

                                                       WITH   NAPOLI  !!

  Have  a    nice   week  !

         We    could   have   achieved   better    yesterday   anyway   we   keep    going   and   for  Monday

         our   proposals   are

   Napoli   to  win / over  can  come  absences  for  guest team  in defence

   Man  City  to  win  /  over  too

   Fener    to   win

  Willem   X2   with   risk  just  2  for  risky

                                                           GOOD   LUCK  !!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 15/01/2012 | 2:20:00 pm

                           RESULT : 5/9 SUCCESS 55.5%

                                         WITH   PARMA !!

        Have   a   nice   Sunday  !!

   I  couldn' t   post   the  last   days   due   to  a  problem   in   my pc  but   we   are    together   again  and

   we   shall   try   to   make   correct   predictions  today

 g-g   Anderlecht
 Over    Juventus

  Parma   to  win

  Fiorentina    to   win

  Bilbao  to   win

   g-g   Arsenal

   g-g   Milan /  over  is  too  close   and  victory  for  home  team  can  come

   Marseille   to  win / g-g  too

   Over   Barcelona

                                                 GOOD    LUCK !!




Written By Unknown on 13/01/2012 | 3:29:00 pm

Good afternoon my friends just a BIG ODD today quite risky so ONLY WITH TRADING to be played:

Eindhoven - Helmond 2 with odd 6!!!! If away team scores first just trade it, the game is difficult although i believe that surprise may arise!!

ADVERTISE US HELP US ........ WE ARE NO1 in success!!!!

ΓΙΑ ΝΕΕΣ ΕΓΓΡΑΦΕΣ στα tips από email στείλτε μας e-mail στο ........... ΜΟΝΟ 10 ΕΥΡΩ!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 12/01/2012 | 7:10:00 pm

                         RESULT :  4/4 SUCCESS 100 %

                                                  WITH   BILBAO  !!

       Matches    for    the   Cup    today  and  we   can   see    here

    Bilbao    to    win

    Napoli   to  win / over  for  me  is  possible

   Academica   to  win

   g-g   Barcelona  /  over   secondly

                                                                    GOOD   LUCK !

SPARTACUS - Prosoxi stis grammes 901902.....

Good morning my friends WE WON again easily an odd 3,3 from first half proving for one more time that we are NO1!!!

Σήμερα θα ήθελα να σας πω το εξής: τελευταία πολλοί χρησιμοποιούν γραμμές 901902...... που έχουν υψηλή χρέωση για να δώσουν προτάσεις για το στοίχημα. Το θέμα είναι όμως ότι σε αυτές τις γραμμές κατά κανόνα δίνουν παιχνίδια τα οποία παίρνουν φόρτωμα στο διαδίκτυο!! Αυτό μπορείτε να το δείτε και μόνοι σας χωρίς να πληρώνετε τόσα λεφτά. Για μένα ειναι χρήσιμο εργαλείο αλλά συνήθως σε βάθος χρόνου τα ποσοστά επιτυχίας του δε ξεπερνούν το 50-55%. Τουλάχιστον ας μην ξοδεύουμε λεφτά για κάτι που μπορούμε να δούμε και μόνοι μας.......... Ενδεικτικά sites που παρέχουν τέτοιες πληροφορίες  μπορείτε να βρείτε εδώ

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 11/01/2012 | 5:04:00 pm

                                          RESULT :  4/7 SUCCESS 57.14 %

    Good     afternoon  !!

     Our   proposals     for    today

   g-g    Tottenham

   g-g     Man   City / over   is   very  close

   Roma   can   take    the   match   today / 2-3  goals   secondly

   g-g    Lyon

   Over    Olympiakos

   Sporting  L     to    win

   Over    Sevilla

                                                  GOOD   LUCK !!!  



Good afternoon my friends after the amazing 17/20 of last 3 days in my e-mail tips we go on with cups, just a big odd for today:

Espaniol - Cordova OVER 3,5 with odd 3,3 and always with trading, such big odds must be played mostly with trading that means we dont play and leave from our pc. Cause if goals are scored easily we win for sure. For example here the odd is 3,3 if a goal is scored early then odd of over 3,5 falls lower (2 for example) and then we play some money on under 3,5 so EVEN IF the final result is under 3,5 we win whatever it happens!!!!

14/16 this weekend in my e-mail tips!!! SPARTACUS

Written By Unknown on 08/01/2012 | 9:36:00 pm

The absolute success this weekend nothing stopped me even Atrromitos which i suggested OVER with odd 3,2 we won it in trading as it was 1-0 from 15 min and odd has fallen to 1,9!!!! WE WON MUCH MUCH MONEY proving one more time that WE ARE THE BEST!!!


MY tips on Sunday were: Rayo Vallecano - Sevilla OVER with odd 2,2........ Udinese - Cesena 1 with odd 1,45 and 1 with handicap too and odd more than 2 (over as well) ............Arbroath - Glasgow Rangers OVER and over 3,5 ...........Aris - PAS Giannina 1 with odd 1,7 ........ Atromitos - OFI Kreta OVER........... Lecce - Juventus 2 with odd 1,5 ..........  Villarreal - Valencia OVER odd 2,1 ........ Espanyol - Barcelona OVER and risk with over 3,5 with odd 2,2

FOR NEW sign ups just contact us here: .......... just 10 euro/month and you win hundreds and for sure thousands at the end of the year

joker !!!

                        BETIS    TO    WIN  !!!

       Good     afternoon !!

    We    are   just   some   minutes   before   the  unique  match   among   the  two  teams   of   Manchester !

     Our    proposals   are

      Betis   to  win

      g-g    Juventus

      Bologna   to   win

      g-g    Atromitos

      Over    Panathinaikos    

      Milan    to   win

      Over   Sunderland

      ROma  to   win

      Napoli  with   risk  to   win

                                                             GOOD    LUCK  !!


Good morning my friends amazing day one more time yesterday and we won much money!!!! Thank you for your e-mail of thanks, for new sign ups just contact us here:

One BIG ODD for today:

Lecce - Juventus OVER 3,5 with odd 3 and over 4,5 with odd 6!!!!! Good luck


SUPER SUPER DAY AGAIN YESTERDAY!!!! 8/8 from me 7/7 in e-mail tips and the BIG ODD here over 5.5 Real with odd 3,9!!!!!!!

Swansea 2 with odd 2,4 .......Derby 1 with odd 1,9 ............Kidderminster 1 with handicap 2,2 ......... Trabsonspor 2 with odd 2,15 ...........Linfield 2 with odd 1,45 ......... Siena OVER with odd 2,3 and over 4,5 Real with odd 2,2!!!!!!

All these just for 10 euro/month and you get back much more!!!!!!! SIGN UP now send us an e-mail to :


Written By Unknown on 07/01/2012 | 1:05:00 pm

Good morning my friends unfortunately choices for Big Odds are not many:

Bala Town - Afan Lido over 4,5 with odd more than 3,5 so with traiding too

Real Madrid - Granada over 5,5 with odd 3,9 and trading of course as probably home team will score goals early  

joker !!

                    RESULT : 8/13  SUCCESS 61.5%

                           INTER   FC   !  !

     Good     morning  !

   Due   to  some   work   I   have   to  post   earlier   today   but   the   programme   is  not   something

   special   in   my   opinion  !

   Many   games   for  Cup   in  the  island   and   games   around  Europe  for  National  Championships

   however    I 'll   personally   keep   myself   away    for   Saturday

    Over    Middlesbrough

     g-g    West  Brom

    Stoke    to   win

    Over   Tottenham

    York    as  a  high   odd   with  risk  to  win

    Barrow   seems   good  now - indication

    Inverness    to  win

    Over    Barcelona  B

    Inter    to  win

    Rennes   to  win

   Lazio    with    risk   to  win  away

   Over   Real   M

   g-g    Malaga

                                                           GOOD   LUCK !!


Written By Unknown on 04/01/2012 | 8:16:00 pm



BIG ODD for tonight:

United to win Newcastle with 2 goals handicap and odd 5,5!!!! GOOD LUCK

joker !!!

                             FOR    VICTORY  !!

      Good    afternoon !

   We   managed   to   lose   the  easier  tip g-g  of  City   yesterday  however  ''over ''   came  3-0  but

  overall    we   can  not  say  it  was   bad .

   Anyway   let's   see   for   today

   Man  UN  to  win

   Besiktas   to  win

   Gaziadepsspor   to  win

   Over  Barcelona

   Paok   to  win

                                              GOOD   LUCK !!


NEW SUPER ODD 1 with 2 goals handicap for Sivaspor more than 5!!!!!

Written By Unknown on 03/01/2012 | 11:38:00 pm

NEW SUPER ODD given in chat we are NO1!!!!! Very good start for the new year in e-mail tips more than 75% success so far. For new sign ups contact us here:

joker !!

                    RESULT :  4/6 SUCCESS 66.6 %

                                 GOALS   IN  CITY  !!

      Good      afternoon !!

   Our   proposals    

   g-g   Man  City /  over  is  very  close

   Over   Real  M

   Over   Aek /  secondly  to  win   very  low  odd

   Galata    to    win

    Benfica    to   win

    Sivassport    to   win

                                            GOOD   LUCK !!


Written By Unknown on 02/01/2012 | 4:46:00 pm

Good afternoon my friends i wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR be well first of all and MONEY will come from us for sure. Enjoy your life first of all!!!


MKDONS OVER 4,5 with odd 4,6 and of course trading

For my e-mail tips contact us here: just 10 euro/month

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