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joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 29/02/2012 | 6:25:00 pm

                        RESULT : 2/5  SUCCESS 40 %

                                                        AVE    CHILE   !!

             Good     afternoon  !!

    Our   choices    in  a  day   with    many  friendly   matches

   Wales   to  win

  England U21  to  win

  Chile   to  win

  Uruguay    with   risk   to    win

  Over   Netherlands

                                                     GOOD  LUCK !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 26/02/2012 | 4:34:00 pm

                                  RESULT :  7/11  SUCCESS  63.6 %

                                  MARSEILLE     OUR    TIP  !!

              Good     afternoon  !!

    Another   time   we   seem    unlucky    with   our   performance    but   we   are   late   so   we  do not

   have   time   for   waste

    Over   Stoke

    Sion    to   win

    Marseille    to   win

    Over   Dortmund

   Over   Cl  Brugge

   g-g  Valencia

   Cordoba   good   indication   now

   Galatasaray    to   win

   g-g    Lazio   /  over   very   close   for  me

   Napoli    to   win

  Over    Barcelona

                                                 GOOD    LUCK  !!

AMAZING ODDS for another Saturday

Good morning my friends 2 bad tradings here but in my e-mail tips WE HAD A PARTY AGAIN ........... SUPER AMAZING ODDS and i am really glad to read your e-mails some of you won more than 500 euro!!!!!!

Some of my odds were: Stuttgart over 3,5 odd more than 2,3 ........... Wolfsburg OVER odd 1,95 ............. Greuter with handicap odd 2,6 ............ Genoa OVER odd 2,0 ......... Malaga OVER odd 1,8 ............ Gent with handicap odd 2,2 ............. Venlo 1 odd 3,85!!! (estimation)

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 25/02/2012 | 3:13:00 pm

                      RESULT :  7/15 SUCCESS 46.6 %


                                                 GOALS   IN   MALAGA !

       Good     afternoon !!

    The   last   days   we   do  not   have   the  luck   with   us  something    that   plays   important   role

   in   betting ..   Yesterday   over  of  Duisburg  and  Gladbach   mainly   got   lost   so   can   not  say   we

   are   satisfied . .  


    g-g    Leverkusen  /  over  very  close  I  will  avoid  the  tip  2  whoever sees  let it  play   ...

    Over   Stuttgart

    Over   Southampton

   Newcastle  to   win

   Betis   to   win

   g-g      Genoa

   Over   Werder  /  g-g   very   close

    Over   Genk

   Kortraik   with  risk   to win

   Valenciennes   to  win  -  good   indication   now

    g-g    Bordeaux

   Over    Malaga/  tip  1 afterwards   I   will   trust   many  goals  here  as  both  teams  have  shown  this  behaviour

    g-g    Milan /   over  too

   Over   Lyon  /  g-g   can  come

   Benfica    to    win

                                                                      GOOD    LUCK  !!



Good morning time for good betting:
AA Gent - Mons OVER 4,5 with odd 4,3 as home team is much better trading as always

Roda JC - De Graafschap OVER 4,5 with odd 4,1 and trading always, home team is by far better and can win easily

For more tips sign up for only 10 euro/month in my e-mail tips, today System with more than 100 odd like last Saturday when i suggested a 4-5-6 system with odd 80 and won 5/6!!!


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 24/02/2012 | 4:13:00 pm

RESULT : 2/7 SUCCESS 28. 5  %                                                                                          

 GLADBACH   FOR   VICTORY   !!!                                                                                                         



    Good     afternoon  !!

     We    have   for   today     after   a   shared 50% ( 4/8 our  performance  Thursday) Europa  League

   Over   Duisburg

   g-g   M 1860

   Cambuur   for   victory

   Over  Go Ahead Eagles

   Monaco    to    win

   Gladbach   to    win

   Over    Barcelona  B

                                                         GOOD   LUCK  !!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 23/02/2012 | 5:01:00 pm

                    GOALS   IN   EINDHOVEN  !!!

         Good     afternoon  !!

  Europa    League    and     a    full    of    football    day    with   the   match    of   Olympiakos   to   draw

  our    attention   . . .

  Our    proposals    today  

   Over    Eindhoven

   Alkmaar    to   win /   over   second  tip

   g-g    Cl     Brugge

    Over    Twente

   g-g    Atletico  M  /  over   for  me  very   likely

   Metalist    to    win

   Olympiakos   to   win

                                                                 GOOD    LUCK  !! 

  Over   Sporting   L



Good morning my friends back again for Europa league, games are difficult for BIG ODDS but i will risk with one today:

Valencia - Stoke OVER 3,5 with odd 3 home team is much better and away team has absences today

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 22/02/2012 | 7:40:00 pm

                            WITH    BAYERN  !!

       Good      afternoon !

    Not    so   well   our    choices   for   the   last  day    but   we  wish   something   better  is  coming..

    Bayern  M   to  win /  g-g   can    come  secondly

    Over    Marseille /  g-g  sure  for  me

    Motherwell    to    win

    De   chile   to   win

                                                                   GOOD   LUCK  !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 21/02/2012 | 6:55:00 pm

                          RESULT : 2/6 SUCCESS 33.3 %

                                                    BATH    OUR   TIP  !!

      Have    a    nice    afternoon  !!

   We    shall    make   many   proposals    today    and   of   course   Ch  L    is   the   main  ''menu''  today

   however    various   choices   are   available

   Over   Real  M

  g-g    Chelsea /  over   very   close

 Over   M K  DOns

  Bath   very   good   indication  this   time

  Luton   to  win    with  risk

  Over   Crewe

                                                         GOOD    LUCK  !!


Written By Unknown on 20/02/2012 | 11:47:00 am

Super weekend passed and WE WON GOOD MONEY, 2 BIG ODDS HERE for free with over 4,5 of Leverkusen odd 6,2 and over 4,5 Ajax odd 4,2!!!!!

15/20 in my e-mail tips with many good odds:

Granada - Real Sociedad OVER odd 2,1 ........ Anderlecht - Westerlo OVER 3,5 odd 2,2 ....... Ajax - NEC OVER 3,5 odd 2,3 .........Servette - Grasshoppers OVER odd 1,85 ........ FC Groningen - PSV Eindhoven 1X open double (when all considered easy win of PSV) ........... Nottingham Forest - Coventry 1 odd 1,9 .......... Eintracht Frankfurt - FSV Frankfurt 1 with handicap and odd 1,85 .............KV Mechelen - Beerschot 1 with odd 1,9 .............Ergotelis - Panathinaikos 2 with odd 1,85 ........ Feyenoord - RKC Waalwijk under for riskies odd 2,5 ............ Bayer Leverkusen - FC Augsburg 1 with handicap and odd 2,4 and other with odds 1,6-1,8!!!!!!

For new sign up contact us here:

Για νέες εγγραφές στο e-mail : ( just 10 euro/month)

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 19/02/2012 | 3:08:00 pm

                              RESULT :  6/9 SUCCESS 66.6 %

                                                        AVE    ATLETICO  !!

                Have   a    nice  Sunday  !

    In    very    medium   level    our   performance   yesterday   50%    but   we   wish   for   something

    better    today   .  Let   us   have   a   look

    Alkmaar    to   win

   Genoa  to   win

   Milan  to   win

   Over   Schalke

   Twente  can   take  the   match

   g-g   Cl   Brugge

   g-g  Hannover

   Over   Udineze

   g-g   P S G/  over  very  close  and  victory   for  home  team

                                                                  GOOD   LUCK !!



Good morning my friends after the amazing last day we go on with one big odd for today:

Ajax - Neimegen OVER 4,5 with odd 4,1 and of course trading if we have the chance, home team is much better but away team can score too


Written By Unknown on 18/02/2012 | 11:35:00 pm

ΕΚΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΑ ΠΡΑΜΑΤΑ ΣΕ ΜΙΑ ΔΥΣΚΟΛΗ ΜΕΡΑ ....... ΑΠΟΔΟΣΗ 6,2 ΕΔΩ ΜΕ ΤΟ ΟΒΕΡ 4,5 ΤΗΣ ΛΕΒΕΡΚΟΥΖΕΝ και πολλά λεφτά στα tips από e-mail me 8/11 k 5/6 σε σύστημα 4-6 με απόδοση 80!!!!

Leeds - Doncaster 1 with odd 1,65 ............ Nottingham Forest - Coventry 1 with odd 1,9 ........... Eintracht Frankfurt - FSV Frankfurt 1 with handicap and odd 1,85 ............. Bayer Leverkusen - FC Augsburg OVER with odd 1,7 and over 3,5 with odd close to 3 .......... Real Madrid - Racing Santander OVER 3,5 with odd 1,65 ............. KV Mechelen - Beerschot 1 with odd 1,9 ......... Ergotelis - Panathinaikos 2 with odd 1,85 .......... Heracles Almelo - Roda JC G/G with odd 1,6




                      RESULT : 6/12 SUCCESS 50 %


                          GOALS   FOR   BAYERN !!!

          Good     afternoon  !!

     Very    strange   the   results     yesterday  especially  that  0-3of Inter, but   we   have   to   make  no

    stop   so   we   continue

    g-g   Hamburg

    Gladbach   with  risk   to  win

   g-g  Norwich

    Xanthi   to   win

    Hetafe   to   win

    g-g   Lille /  second  tip 2  for  the  guest  team

   Over  Arsenal  

   Over   Bayern M

    g-g   Real  M  /  over  very  close

   Sevilla   to    win

   Braga   to   win

   Over   Juventus

                                                           GOOD   LUCK !!


Germany is back

Good morning bad performance 2 last days and i go with Germany today:

Freiburg - Bayern OVER 4,5 WITH ODD 4,6 and of course trading as away team will try to score early goals, for super riskies a team to score 3 goals or more in first half odd 8 traind always

Bayer Leverkusen - FC Augsburg OVER 4,5 with odd almost 6.2 and of course trading!!


Written By Unknown on 17/02/2012 | 7:10:00 pm

Herenveen - Breda OVER 4,5 for today as both teams can score and of course home team, over 4,5 is marginal so if you have the chance for a good trading do it!!! Good luck

joker !!

                        RESULT : 2/6 SUCCESS 33.3%

                          HOFFENHEIM   TO  WIN  !!

        Good     afternoon  !!

    We    did   not    go   as   well   as   we   had   expected   for   Europa  League   but   we   have   matches

   ahead   so   for   today   with   slight    bets    we   have

   Over   Paderborn

   Over   Hereenven

   Bastia    to   win

   Inter    to   win

   Hoffenheim   with  risk   to  win /  g-g  secondly

   g-g   Reading

                                                              GOOD   LUCK  !!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 16/02/2012 | 7:30:00 pm

                                        RESULT  :  3/7 SUCCESS  42.8 %

                                                  GOALS    IN    ALKMAAR !!

       Good     afternoon  ! !

   Europa    League    today    and   our    choices

   Over   Alkmaar

   Schalke   to   win   with  risk   good   indication  now

  g-g    Metalist /  second  tip  2  for  the  guest  team

  Over   Hannover

  g-g    Man  City

  Over    Eindhoven

 g-g    Stoke

                                                          GOOD    LUCK !!


Good morning my friends we won good money in CHL with 2 good odds in my e-mail tips, over 3,5 of Barcelona with odd 2,7 and 1 with handicap for Milan and odd more than 3!!!! Today UEFA cup games are difficult and we go with TRADING for a game:

Steaua - Twente OVER 3,5 with odd 4,1 and trading of course, away team is quite good

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 14/02/2012 | 3:51:00 pm

                                                    BRAGA   OUR   CHOICE !!

                   Good     afternoon !!

    Our    choices   today  

   Over   Leeds

  Braga   to    win

   Barcelona   can   take   the  match  as  I  think  after  the  bad  result  the  last  Saturday  they  will  play  as
    well  as  they   can  /  Over  can   appear   too

   Lyon    to   win /  over  too

    Over   Middlesbrough

                                              GOOD    LUCK !!

BIG MONEY - SUPER ODDS in e-mail tips

Written By Unknown on 13/02/2012 | 2:11:00 am

Good morning my friends VERY GOOD weekend as both BIG ODDS were successive especially on Sunday over 5,5 of PSV gave us BIG MONEY as the score was 4-0 in the first half and we had a big trading. Super odds yesterday in my e-mail tips:

OVER 3,5 PSV....... OVER 3,5 Real ....were among the medium ones 2 of Brugge with odd 3,4 ........ 2 of Asteras Tripolis with odd 3,1 and 1 with handicap for Villareal with odd 2,4 ......... only here such odds!!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 12/02/2012 | 2:24:00 pm

                  RESULT : 6/13 SUCCESS  46.1 %

                                      VIVA   VILLAREAL  !!

      Good     afternoon  !!

   We    are   not   satisfied   at   all    ,  we   could     achieve   better   anyway   ...

   For    today

   g-g   Wolves /  over  for   me  can   come

   Lille   to  win

   Over   Inter

   Catania   takes   money    indication  now

   Over   Nuremberg

   g-g   Man  City  /   over   very  close

   Bursaspor   with    risk   to   win

   P S G     to     win

    Over   Hamburg

   g-g     Genk

   Villareal     to    win

    Ivory    Coast     to    win

    Over   Porto

                                                           GOOD   LUCK !!



joker !!

Written By Unknown on 11/02/2012 | 3:31:00 pm

                                     GOALS   IN   BLACKBURN !

        Good     afternoon  !!

      I    could   not   post   yesterday    but    we   are   here  again   to   see   the  matches   we   have

   g-g   Blackburn /  over  is  very   close

   Over   Werder  W

   Over   Arsenal

    Bolton   to  win

   Alcorcon    to   win   good  indication

   g-g   Milan  /  second  tip    2  for  the  guests

   Over   Blackpool

    Over   Gladbach

   Cagliari   with  risk   to   win

   Over   Ajax

   Barca   to   win

   Over   Bilbao  /  g-g  sure  for  me

                                                                   GOOD   LUCK !!


BETTHUR The Lion of betting - odd 4,4 again yesterday!!!

Good morning my friends Another BIG WIN yesterday with odd 4,4 coming at the end and as i have sain in my e-mail tips it wouldnt be easy for Twente to win!!! Again a game from Holland today:
Play SINGLE BETS it is better this period of time

For my e-mail tips contact us:

Για τα tips από e-mail επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στο παρακάτω:

Venlo - Groningen OVER 4,5 with odd 5,3 and trading ........ marginally both teams can score 5 goals but 3-4 seems quite possible. In any case if you have the chance fro trading do it!!


Written By Unknown on 10/02/2012 | 4:40:00 pm

Good afternoon my friends back again to BIG ODDS with a game from Holland:

Twente - Heracles OVER 4,5 with odd 4,4 i think it has many possibilites not only with trading, but better to be played with trading

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 08/02/2012 | 7:24:00 pm

                                  GOALS  IN  BARCA !!!

       Good     afternoon  !!

    Many    games   today    and   we   have    chosen    for   you

  Over  Alkmaar / second  tip 2  victory  fir  the  guest  team

  Ivory   Coast   to   win

   g-g   Bayern /  over  very  close

    g-g   Milan

   Over   Barcelona

   Monpellier with  risk    to   win

                                                                 GOOD   LUCK  !


Written By Unknown on 06/02/2012 | 12:53:00 pm

Good morning my friends a difficult weekend passed especially yesterday as many surprises arised. Winter is always difficult due to weather as well and i insist telling you play SINGLE BETS. BIG ODDS here saved us as all passed and gave us GOOD MONET. All were odds moe than 4,5 and especially with Arsenal and Werder we won big money!!!!

Fair performance for my e-mail tips with some good odds instead!!! I say odd 2,0 for us is not big!!!! My big odds in e-mail tips were:

SC Heerenveen - Roda JC OVER 3,5 with odd 2,1 .......... Arsenal - Blackburn OVER 3,5 with odd 2,3 .............Genoa - Lazio 1 with odd 2,5 (and over) ............ Kaiserslautern - FC Köln 2 with odd 4!!!! .......... Anderlecht - RC Genk 1 with handicap and odd 2,35!!!


Written By Unknown on 05/02/2012 | 6:44:00 pm

After the big victory with super trading in the game of Werder 2-2 from 70 min and odd 5,2 falled to 1,9!!!! NEW BIG ODD

Sevilla - Villareal over 4,5 with odd 8,8 and for too riskies the amazing odd over 6,5 with odd 65!!!! with trading of course

joker !!

                                              WITH    WERDER  !

                    Good      afternoon  !

           We    are    not    satisefied   by    the    7/12   yesterday,  it   was   a   rather   bad   day   for   the

       vast    majority   of   players .   No   time   for   waste    so   we   make   no  stop  

      Milan   to  win /  g-g  and   over  too

      Palermo  to   win

       Over   Juventus

      Werder  Br   with   risk   to  win /  over   secondly

      g-g   Man  Un  /  over  has  good   luck  I  suppose

      Lille   to  win

     Over   Kaizerslautern / 2-3 goals  alternatively

      Aek   to    win

      Olympiakos   must  take   the  match   vs  Paok

      g-g   Sevilla /  over  too   close

      Atletico  M   to  win

      Over   Marseille

        Over   Benfica


Good morning my friends WE WON easily yesterday an odd of 4 proving again that we are NO1 even in big odds!!!! 4/7 in my e-mai tips with 100% success in Holland and Belgium so far for Friday and Saturday!!!

For my e-mail tips contact us here:

Freiburg - Werder OVER 4,5 with odd 5,2!!!!! Trading as always and i think we will win again as werder is better and can score many goals

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 04/02/2012 | 3:49:00 pm

RESULT : 7/12 SUCCESS 58.3 %


Good   afternoon !!

We    have   selected   many  matches  for today      so  without   delay   we    speed    up     and     we     can  choose   from    the   following

g-g  Wolfsburg

 Everton with  risk  to  win

QPR  takes   betting /  alternatively  over seems  good

Luzern   good  indication

Levante   to   win

Over   Man  City

 g-g   Bayern  M

Galatasaray  to  win

Monpellier   to   win

P S G  to   win

Bordeaux   to   win

Over   Barcelona   





Good morning my friends time for BIG ODDS, yesterday another good odd from Holland passed easily in my e-mail tips over 3,5 of Roda with odd 2,1 passed from first half!!! For sure we are NO1 easily in tips from Holland with % success around 85-90% and odds more than 2,5!!!!

ADO Den Haag - AZ   away team to win both halves with odd 5, risky choice but the odd is super

Arsenal - Blackburn OVER 4,5 with odd close to 4 and trading of course, just check weather before betting we are talking for temperatures -10 and so on so be csareful!!!! 

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 01/02/2012 | 6:49:00 pm

                                                   AVE   INTER  !!

      Good     afternoon !

   The  match   of   Juve    was   suspended   yesterday   but   overall   we lost  some  over  like  that  of

   Man   Un   and  one  from  the  island . .

   We   are   ready    for   another    day   full    of   choices

  Galatasaray   to  win

  Napoli   to   win

  g-g   Lazio /  over  is  very  close and  another  special  bet  Klose  to score  is  in  great  condition  lately

  Over   Marseille

  Udinese   to   win

  Barcelona   to   win /  over  secondly

                                                GOOD   LUCK  !!
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