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joker !!

Written By Unknown on 29/03/2011 | 6:10:00 pm

                                    RESULT : 7/8 SUCCESS 87,5%

Good   afternoon !

Let's   see   what   we  have 

Over   Belgium

Rochdale  with  risk  to  win

Yeovil   1(X) to  be  sure  just  1 for  more  risky

Falkirk  to  win-good  indication

Over  Sweden

Over   Romania

Wrexham  2(X) to be  covered

Uruguay  from  big  odds  with  risk !

Georgia is here!

Good afternoon my friends back again after some days with no interest. Today we have mostly games between national teams and of course we avoid friendly ones. Lets see what we can do:

Israel - Georgia X2 open double chance, the game is for sure not easy for the home team as Georgia is very improved this time and won even Croatia!! Israel has many problems and for me X is the most possible but Georgia can surprise as more!!!

Yeovil - Carlisle 1X and 1 for the risky ones

Sheffield W - Brentford 1X and 1 for the risky ones

Belgium - Azerbaijan away team to score with risk that this choice has but Azer is not that bad. For the risky X2 open double chance

Estonia - Serbia 2 as Serbia is better, but this team is totally crazy so dont bet much money 

Turkey - Austria 1 is sure for me and 1 with handicap one goal for the risky  

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 27/03/2011 | 3:47:00 pm

                                        RESULT : 4/5 SUCCESS 80%

Good   afternoon  and  we  go   fast .. !!! 
 In   medium   level  yesterday   let's  see   today  but   the  programme  seems  not  so attractive...

Siena   to  win

Over  Huddersfield

Piacenza   to  win

Braga  2(X) to  be  sure

Boca  2(X) with  risk  to  win

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 26/03/2011 | 3:17:00 pm

                                       RESULT : 6/10 SUCCESS 60%

Have a  nice  weekend !! Sorry   for   my  absence  during  the  last  days  I  was  away

but   we   are  back  now  again

Let's   see   what   we  have   to  choose   from    today

Russia   to  win 

Las  Palmas  to  win

England  to  win

Israel  to  win

Over  Cyprus

Croatia  to  win

Over  Stockport

Rep of  Ireland  to  win

Dallas  to  win

g-g  Portugal

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Written By Unknown on 24/03/2011 | 2:53:00 pm

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joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 22/03/2011 | 5:40:00 pm

Good   afternoon  and   a  nice  week !

Some   proposals   for  today

Southampton   to  win

Over   Crewe

Arbroath   to  win

Over  St Johnston

Torquay   to  win

Crawley T   to  win

Midtjylland has a last chance

Written By Unknown on 21/03/2011 | 12:09:00 pm

Good morning my friends yesterday i risked with difficult tips but the results were just satisfactory. Everyone that played one by one all games won. My standard De Haag passed and it had an odd 4!!!!!

Few tips today but some seem good:

BV Veendam - Sparta 1 and over as home team is better

Milton Keynes Dons - Peterborough OVER but with a bit risk (2-3 goals in a system)

VfL Bochum - Energie Cottbus G/G and X2 pen double chance with risk as away team bites so be careful

Sporting Braga - Rio Ave 1 if there is any hope left for the home team that is today

First Vienna FC 1894 - Hartberg OVER as both teams are weak defensively

SønderjyskE - FC Midtjylland 2 and 2-3 goals too, away team has the interest to win today and the odd 2 is super 

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 20/03/2011 | 2:57:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!

Let's   see   some  tips 

g-g   Liverpool

Udineze  to  win/ over  secondly

Over  Inter

Basel   to  win

Sp. Xixon  to  win/ g-g  can  come  too

Malaga  to  win

g-g  Chelsea

g-g  Stuttgart

Kavala  to  win

Panathinaikos  Over /1

Atromitos  with  much  risk  1(X) to be sure 

Over   Marseille

Napoli  to  win

Over   Valencia

Den Haag can kill Agax?

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 19/03/2011 | 4:17:00 pm

                                    RESULT : 5/11 SUCCESS 45,4%

Good   afternoon !!!

Many   matches   and   we   make  several   proposals  .. 

let's  see

Frankfurt   to  win 

g-g   Bayern  M

Arsenal  to  win /  over  second choice

Over  Leicester / another  choice  here  the  victory  for  home  team

Over   Blackburn

Over   Man  Un - good  indication

2-3  goals   Mallorca

Lorient  to  win

Lille  to  win

Over   Milan

Over   Real  M

Augsburg is here

Will Gladbach die?

Written By Unknown on 18/03/2011 | 12:37:00 pm

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 17/03/2011 | 5:00:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!

 Europa  league   for  today  and   we  have  chosen  several  tips

Over  Zenit

g-g  P S G

Over  Ajax -no  alternative  but to  play  offensively for  the  guest  team that's why we choose  many  goals  here

g-g  Villareal

2-3  goals  Liverpool  /  second  choice  the  victory  for  reds

Eindhoven  with  risk  to  win


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 16/03/2011 | 8:05:00 pm

                                          RESULT : 3/4 SUCCESS 75%

Good   afternoon !!

Some  tips  for  today

Real  M  to   win

Over  Chelsea/g-g  here  can  come  too

Aberdeen  to  win

Cruzeiro  to  win


Written By Unknown on 15/03/2011 | 6:23:00 pm


 ood afternoon my friends great job yesterday with 4/5 and 3 games with great odds !!! Today we have games for CHL and England so be cautious it is not a good day!!!

100€ Bonus ÅããñáöÞò

Burnley - Coventry  2-3 goals common result in their last games

Brentford - Huddersfield 2-3 goals as over is marginal

Crewe - Southend home team doesnt score so easily in their last games but today both can score so 1,75 for this game is very good

Manchester Utd - Marseille 1 is normal but i will search for the correct score too, so i think 2-0 or 3-0 is possible.

Bayern München - Internazionale G/G is my main choice here as i think both teams have the ability to score. Possible a red card in the game

100€ Bonus ÅããñáöÞò

joker ! !!

                                        RESULT : 3/5 SUCCESS 60%

Good   afternoon !!

Some  tips  for  today

Over   Peterborough

Over   Crewe

Burnley   to  win

Man  Un   to  win

Over   Bayern   M


Written By Unknown on 14/03/2011 | 6:01:00 pm



joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 13/03/2011 | 3:36:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!!

Very   quickly   our  tips 

Over  Genoa / g-g second  choice

Over  Udineze- another  more of  course  risky  choice  here  the  victory  for  guest team !

2-3  goals   Chievo

2-3  goals  Bordeaux

Osasuna  to  win

Basel  to  win

Lille  to  win

Over  Sociedad

g-g  Espanyol

Stuttgart  2(X) to  be  covered but  for  more  risky  the tip 2

P S G   to  win

Over   Barcelona


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 12/03/2011 | 3:36:00 pm

                                      RESULT : 6/11 SUCCESS 54,5 %

Good   afternoon  my  friends .. !

Let's   hope   our   choices   today   will  be  successful  ..

g-g   Bayern  M

Over  Leeds /  g-g  can  come  too

Leicester  to  win  away

Over   Crewe

Sturm Gr  to  win

Betis 2(X) to be  covered 

2-3 goals  Atletico  M

Over   Werder 

Sent  Ettienne  to  win

Lyon  2(X)

Over   Valencia

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 10/03/2011 | 6:15:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!

Europa  league  for   today   and   we  have  some  tips

g-g  Leverkusen

Ajax  to  win

Liverpool  2(X)

Over  Eindhoven

Over  Benfica

Over  Man City/ g-g  can  come  too

joker ! !

Written By Unknown on 09/03/2011 | 6:18:00 pm



Let   make  some  proposals   for   this  day  

Over   Milan / g-g  can  also  come

Everton  to  win

2-3 goals  Schalke

Penarol   to  win


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 08/03/2011 | 9:24:00 pm

                                          RESULT : 4/5 SUCCESS 80%

Very   quickly  for  today

g-g   Barca

Over   Leicester/ second tip  to  win

g-g  Sachtar

Over  Southampton

Arbroath   with  risk  to  win


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 06/03/2011 | 3:39:00 pm

Good   afternoon  !! 

Spartacus   tried  to  give  you   much  money   and   had  some  surprising   tips  such

as   1X for  Bayern  and  1/1 Lokeren  yesterday...  !!

Let's    see   very    quickly

Fiorentina   to  win

Napoli  to  win

Over  Udineze

Over  Hamburger

Malaga   with  risk  to  win

g-g  Bilbao

Rapid  W   to  win

Over   Basel

g-g  Marseille

Over  Lyon

X for Chievo  seems  to  take  betting... - money  on  the draw here


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 05/03/2011 | 4:23:00 pm

                                                 RESULT : 7/12 SUCCESS 58,3 %

Have  a   nice  weekend !

Quickly   to  our   tips

g-g   Bayern M
Fulham  to  win - indication  now

Over  Peterborough

Over  Crewe

g-g  Portsmouth

Austria W  with  risk  to  win

g-g  Leverkusen

2-3 goals  Valencia

Over  Man City

g-g  Milan/ over

g-g  Atletico M

P S G   2(X)  to  be sure



Written By Unknown on 04/03/2011 | 2:06:00 am

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 03/03/2011 | 5:25:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!!

Today   we  shall   play   without   much   interest  so  

Over   Ajax   -  I   agree  with  Spartacus seems  the  tip   to  come  easily..

Over    Real  M

Velez   to    win

Betis   to  win

                                  good   luck  ..  the   weekend   is   coming  ..



Written By Unknown on 02/03/2011 | 2:15:00 pm


Good morning my friends so and so for us yesterday but ok the games are a bit difficult so we keep on carefully. As i have told you this period of time lay 0-0 is the best betting method. Check here for those who dont know

Για εκείνους που αγαπούν το καλό βιβλίο θα πρότεινα το εξής πολύ καλό σύγγραμμα (γιατί η ζωή δεν είναι μόνο στοίχημα!!!!). Καλό θα ήταν να προβληματιζόμαστε και με τα όσα συμβαίνουν γύρω μας καθώς ζούμε σε χρόνια έντονων ζυμώσεων σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο!!!!

For today we keep on but be cautious as many games are for cups:

FC Twente - FC Utrecht 1 but it wont be difficult, 2-3 goals too

KSV Superfund - Red Bull Salzburg 2 and one of the standards of the day, home team has no interest and i hope away team wont suicide

Bayern München - Schalke 04 1 and with risk 1/1 too

Rayo Vallecano - Alcorcón OVER for me it is one of the standards today

Real Sociedad - Levante G/G and x2 with risk

Getafe - Atlético Madrid G/G and over with these teams

Galatasaray - Gaziantepspor 1 but with a bit risk, home team has lost 3-2 in the first game the game is too difficult but i think finally they can succeed.

Atromitos - Olympiakos Volou X2 open double chance, both teams are good but this period of time Volos seems a bit better and is safe for the greek championship too. On the other hand Atromitos has difficult games so they cant play so free. Possible correct score 1-1 or 1-2!!! 


Written By Unknown on 01/03/2011 | 7:21:00 pm

         Good   afternoon ! !


 We     have    some   tips   for   today

Over   Everton

Siena   to  win

Rapid W  to  win

Southampton    to   win

Portsmouth    to   win

  g-g   chelsea


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