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Written By Unknown on 30/06/2012 | 4:32:00 pm

                                                        RESULT :  4/6 SUCCESS  66.6 %

             Good    afternoon  !!

              Very    soon    our   proposals   for   today

                 Elfsborg   to  win

                 Kalmar   to  win

                 Over   Molde

                 g-g   Rozenborg /  over  can  come  for  me

                 Lillestrom  to   win  /  over   second  choice and  g-g

                 Vasco  Da Gama  to  win


                                             GOOD   LUCK !


Written By Unknown on 29/06/2012 | 12:47:00 pm

AGAIN AND AGAIN money for you and for our subscribers!!! G/G main choice for the game of Italy with odd 2,0 and De Rossi to receive yellow card free from here and odd 3,1!!!!!!!!! 

For new sign up contact us here:

ΚΑΙ ΠΑΛΙ ΜΟΙΡΑΣΑΜΕ ΧΡΗΜΑΤΑ ΣΤΟΥΣ ΣΥΝΔΡΟΜΗΤΕΣ ΜΑΣ αλλά και στους αναγνώστες μας με g/g βασική επιλογή στα e-mail tips απόδοση 2,0 και να δεχθεί κίτρινη κάρτα ο De Rossi με απόδοση 3,1!!!!

Για νέες εγγραφές επικοινωνήστε στο e-mail:

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 28/06/2012 | 4:11:00 pm

                                                   RESULT : 0/3 SUCCESS 0 %

     Good     afternoon  !!

         We   propose   for    today

         Helsinki   to   win

         Inter Turku  to  win

         X   Half Time  Italy /  with  risk  g-g  and  X  final  score

                                                    GOOD   LUCK !!


Good afternoon big game today and i will risk with a special bet for big odd, so De Rossi to receive a yellow card with odd 3.1 .......... he always plays with passion and today will have much work to do against German offensive players


joker !

Written By Unknown on 27/06/2012 | 6:32:00 pm

     Good    afternoon  !!

     Our   proposals   for   today

     g-g   Spain /  2-3 goals  second  choice  and  with  risk 1  afterwards

     Boca to  win

                                                   GOOD   LUCK


Written By Unknown on 25/06/2012 | 1:53:00 pm

Μια πολύ καλή προσπάθεια φίλων για να ΕΚΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΗΣΟΥΜΕ ΧΡΗΜΑΤΑ αλλά και για τους φανατικούς συλλέκτες!!! Οτι δε χρειαζόμαστε μπορούμε πλεον να το ΑΝΤΑΛΛΑΞΟΥΜΕ!!!

Save money YOU DONT WANT something? EXCHANGE IT NOW! Or if you are a fanatic collector SIGN UP (FREE) and swap your collections!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 24/06/2012 | 3:36:00 pm

     Good    afternoon  !!

         We   had  3/4  yesterday   with  some  high  odds  if  it  was  not   for   Toronto  we  could   have

          achieved   the  absolute ..

         Our    proposals

          X  half time with    risk   Italy / I'm  not  sure if  the match can also end this way  despite much  money  have  been  placed  on  X   I  can not  trust  England  at  this  time  2-3 goals another  choice

        Tigre  to  win

       Bromapojkarna   to  win   

        Gremio   to    win

                                       GOO D   LUCK !!

3/3 for Quarter finals! 3/3 και στα προημιτελικά!!

Ένα Α Π Ι Σ Τ Ε Υ Τ Ο EURO 2012 για το blog μας και ειδικά για τα e-mail tips 3/3 και στα προημιτελικά μέχρι τώρα με 2 Πορτογαλίας, over 9,5 corners Ελλάδα και UNDER Ισπανία. Επίσης στους 2 τελευταίους αγώνες πέρασαν και τα ειδικά στοιχήματα να σκοράρει ο Σαμαράς απόδοση 6.5 και χτες να έχουμε 4 λεπτά καθυστέρηση στο β ημίχρονο απόδοση 2.6!!!!

Εδώ θα δείτε τις επιδόσεις μας μέχρι τώρα για μένα και jOKER . Ποσοστό επιτυχίας 70,5% για μένα!!!!!!! Και μέσος όρος αποδόσεων 2.1!!!! Καθαρό κέρδος (για ποντάρισμα 50 euro/ματς) = 616 ευρω

Joker : Καθαρό κέρδος 207 ευρω Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για τα e-mail tips στο:

AMAZING EURO for the blog and especially for my e-mail tips 71% success in my estimations and a NET INCOME (for 50 euro stake/ game) = 616 euro!!!!

Contact us here for e-mail tips:

For today and for riskies OVER England - Italy odd is around 2,6 !!!!

joker !

Written By Unknown on 23/06/2012 | 4:18:00 pm

                                                  RESULT :  3/4 SUCCESS 75%                    

      Good   afternoon  !!

            Our   proposals   for   today

     Spain    to   win  /  2-3 goals  second  choice  and  over  very  close

     Toronto with   much  risk  to   win

    Chicago   to   win

     L Angeles   to    win

                                             GOOD   LUCK !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 22/06/2012 | 6:44:00 pm


  Good    afternoon !!

      Our   proposals   for   today  

     Over    Germany /  g-g  I  think  both  teams  shall  score , ''time''  will   be  a  stress  for  the  German team  to  overcome

      Newells   to   win

     St  Patricks   to  win

    Avai   with  much  risk   to  win

                                                     GOOD   LUCK !!



With the same pic as in the game against Russia we go for the victory today!!! Yesterday i was right in e-mail tips and Portugal won, they could have done it easily as well. So far 550 euro profit from this Euro (50 euro betting for each game) and we have one of the best ROI in internet!!!

So lets go:

Germany - Greece X2 odd 3,5!!! And for greek fans 2 with odd 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 21/06/2012 | 6:34:00 pm

                                                  RESULT : 1/3 SUCCESS 33.3 %

   Good   afternoon  !!!

    Our   suggestions   for  this   day

   Shamrock   to  win

   g-g  Portugal /  second  choice  tip2 and  2-3  goals

  Over  Palmeiras

                                                   GOOD   LUCK !!

joker !

Written By Unknown on 19/06/2012 | 6:30:00 pm

    Good    afternoon !!

     Our   proposals   for  today

     Over   France/ g-g  and  tip 2  secondly

    England  to  win

                                                     GOOD   LUCK !!


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 18/06/2012 | 7:26:00 pm

Good afternoon !! Our proposals g-g Spain / second tip 2 for the Spanish team Over Italy GOOD LUCK !!

5,3 free on Saturday - 2/2 again yesterday for e-mail tips

Good morning my friends AMAZING EURO for the blog, after my super odd 5,3 given on Saturday yesterday 2/2 again for my e-mail tips. My ROI (return on investment) has reached the amazing 155%!!!!!!! Contact us here: Check here:

ΚΑΙ ΠΑΛΙ 2/2 χτες στα e-mail tips με την απόδοση μου στο EURO να εχει φτάσει στο 155% δηλαδή για στοιχήματα π.χ. 1000 euro οι συνδρομητές μας έχουν κερδίσει 2550 EURO!!! (καθαρό κέρδος 1550 για συντηρητικό παίξιμο των 50 ευρώ ανά αγώνα)!!!!

Μόνο με 10 ευρώ/μήνα μπορείτε να κερδίζετε πολύ περισσότερα. Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στο

Γραφτείτε στιν BET365 πραγματικά εύκολα λεφτά με τα παιχνίδια απο μικρές κατηγορίες που προσφέρει!!! bet365

joker !

Written By Unknown on 17/06/2012 | 5:31:00 pm

    Good    afternoon !!

     Our   proposals   for  today

   Kuopio   to  win

   Germany    to   win / 2-3 goals  secondly

   Over   Netherlands

   Over   Palmeiras 

                                           GOOD   LUCK !!


joker !

Written By Unknown on 16/06/2012 | 4:48:00 pm

                                            RESULT :  2/5 SUCCESS 40 %

    Good    afternoon !!

    Our   proposals

     Halmstand  to  win

    Over   Russia /  g-g  can  come  secondly

    Over  Poland  / second  choice  tip 2

   Internacional    to    win

   Cruzeiro   to   win

                                                    GOOD   LUCK !!


THE PARTY GOES ON!! 2/2 AGAIN in my e-mail tips

Good afternoon 2/2 again in my e-mail tips yesterday and we gain lot of money .......... only for riskies today we go for Greece:

Greece - Russia 1 odd 5,3 and a penalty to be given, good luck!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 15/06/2012 | 5:03:00 pm

 Good    afternoon  !!

   One   more  good   day   for  our  blog !

    Our   proposals

X   with   risk   Ukraine / 2-3 goals and g-g  secondly

X2  England   and  just  the  tip 2  for  more  risky

 Lanus  to   win

    X   with   risk  Ukraine / 2-3  goals  and  g-g  secondly

    X2  England  for   more  risky   just  the  tip 2

    Lanus   to  win

      X   with  risk  Ukraine / 2-3 goals  secondly  and g-g

      X2 England  for  more  risky  just  2  

     Lanus   to  w

                                                     GOOD   LUCK !!

5/5 in our main choices for Euro again!!!

Good morning my friends we keep on super and Joker suggested even X of Italy!!! BIG MONEY are here!!!! For today a risky choice from me as always (for more tips contact us in our mail:

Sweden - England 2 with handicap and odd 3,6 ........ i think british team is much better from this Sweden

Our performance so far in EURO 2012

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 14/06/2012 | 4:49:00 pm

       Good    afternoon !!

         Our   proposals   for   today

      2-3 goals  Italy/  X  as  a  second  tip  with  more  risk

     Over   Spain

     Over   Sao  Paolo

                                           GOOD   LUCK !


Good morning my friends for another time in this EURO AMAZING performance for our blog 2/2 from Joker and 2/2 for my main choices (2 of Portugal odd 1,85 and 2-3 goals for Germany) but also 2 BIG ODDS for special bets, 3,2 for Portugal to score in both halves and 3,9 for Netherlands to score a goal with a shot from outside the penalty area!!!! BIG MONEY AGAIN!!!

For my e-mail tips contact us here:

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 13/06/2012 | 5:02:00 pm

                                              RESULT : 3/4 SUCCESS 75 %
           Good    afternoon !

              Our    proposals  

            Portugal   to   win

            g-g   Holland / very   close  over  as  a  second  solution

           Gremio  to   win

           U21 Sweden  to   win

                                                   GOOD   LUCK !!

joker !

Written By Unknown on 12/06/2012 | 4:53:00 pm

                                                           RESULT : 1/3 SUCCESS 33.3 %

    Good    afternoon  !!

          Our   proposals   for   today

     2-3  goals  Greece /  second  tip  here 2  for Czech

      Over   Russia

       U S A  to   win

                                                      GOOD   LUCK !


Good afternoon my friends SUPER performance for another more day as all i suggested in my e-mail tips passed (G/G France odd 2,1 X for riskies more than 3 and OVER Ukraine more than 2,3) and of course super Joker again!!!

For my e-mail tips contact us here:

For today with risk OVER 3,5 for the game Poland - Russia odd is more than 3,2 so prefer trading. If Greece or Czech win there is no other option for Poland except for playing offensively to win Russia. So this is dangerous

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 11/06/2012 | 4:13:00 pm

                                           RESULT : 2/2 SUCCESS 100%

    Good    afternoon !

    3/4  for  Sunday   we  were  a  bit  unlucky   when  Croatia  scored  the  second  goal  before  the  1st half  but   that  is  football !

   Let's   see  

     X    France /   second  choice  2-3 goals  here 

    g-g   Ukraine /  X  with  risk  secondly  

                                  GOOD    LUCK !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 10/06/2012 | 3:46:00 pm

                                         RESULT : 3/4  SUCCESS 75 %

Good    afternoon !

   2/4   yesterday   in  a  day  that  Denmark  made  the  surprise !  The  other  match  ended  with one goal

   something   that  was  not  expected   I  can   say ....

   Let's   see   what  we  have

  Gremio    to   win 

  X  half time  Ireland  /  second  choice  here UNDER and  0-0  , 1-0 possible  scores  for  Ireland with  more  risk of course

  X  with  risk   for  Spain 

   Sao   Paolo   to  win

                                                  GOOD  LUCK  !!


Good afternoon big odd failed yesterday and lets see today:

A risky one : Ireland - Croatia red card with odd 3,6 and for less riskies 3 cards or more for Croatia odd 2,3

Kristiansund - Kjelsås OVER 5,5 with trading

joker !

Written By Unknown on 09/06/2012 | 3:06:00 pm

                                                        RESULT : 2/4  SUCCESS 50 %

  Good    afternoon !

   We   were   lucky   yesterday   and  we  shall   try   to   make   our  suggestions  for  those  who

    are  with  us ...

   Then    we   propose

   Holland   to  win

   g-g   Argentina 

  Over   Germany /  second  choice  tip  1

  Ceara   to  win  

                                                          GOOD   LUCK !!


Good morning my friends great start from our blog with 5/5 for our choices and even my big odd 3,5 passed. My BIG ODD for today is the following:

Germany - Portugal  OVER 3,5 with odd 3,3 as i think both can score in this game, Portugal has problems defensively and Germany can score 2 goals or more but offensively they are super. Technically i prefer Portugal for sure but they lack of confidence in big games.


Written By Unknown on 08/06/2012 | 3:51:00 pm

Good afternoon my friends EURO 2012 starts and BIG MONEY are in our blog. For today a risky choice:

Poland - Greece a penalty to be given with odd 3,5 both will strive for victory



Good   morning  Euro !!

    Let's   hope   we  will   have  a   full  of  football  tournament !!

  Our   proposals

   France U21  to  win  /  over  can  come  but  second  choice

  Canada   to   win

  Russia   to  win

  2-3 goals   Poland /  second  choice  with  risk  tip1  for home team

                                    GOOD   LUCK !!


Written By Unknown on 05/06/2012 | 4:34:00 pm

Good   afternoon !

     Our   proposals  for  today

   Sloveia U21   to  win

   Sweden  to  win

   Over   Hollad U21

   g-g  Goias /  over   very  close

                                                     GOOD   LUCK !



Written By Unknown on 03/06/2012 | 3:28:00 pm

Good afternoon !! Our proposals for today after a 4/5 performance that could easily be absolute but we did not ! Start to win Over Almeria Over Valladolid g-g Barcelona V/ over very close Brazil to win U S A with more risk to win GOOD LUCK !!


Hi my friends BIG ODD passed easily yesterday with final result 6-3!!! And we talk for an odd more than 4-5!!! Lets see today, always with trading:

Lørenskog - Frigg OVER 6,5 again odd shall be around 6 or more unfortunately in such games we get the odd just before the game starts, usually in bet365!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 02/06/2012 | 3:30:00 pm

    Good    afternoon !!

    I    could  not   post   the  previous  days   due  to  personal   reasons  but  we  are   back   again !

   Let's   have   a   look   at   today's   matches

   Uruguay   to  win

    Argentina   to   win /  over  secondly

   Under  Luxemburg

   g-g   Portugal

   Chile   with  risk   to  win

                                                          GOOD   LUCK !!


Good morning my friends my big odd for today comes from Norway:

Kjelsås - Buvik  OVER 6,5 odd around 4-5 and trading of course if you have the chance
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