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Written By Unknown on 30/04/2012 | 10:37:00 am

Good morning my friends a good weekend passed as from here and in my e-mail tips i suggested many good odds, check below to see:

ΕΚΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΕΣ ΑΠΟΔΟΣΕΙΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΛΙ εδώ και στα tips από e-mail ( και για όσους ρισκάρουν) , ενδεικτικά από τις μεγαλύτερες αποδόσεις το ΣΚ που φεύγει

Leuven - Cercle Brugge OVER 4,5 apodosi 5,5

Heracles - Heerenveen OVER 4,5 apodosi 3,7

Twente - Ajax 2 apodosi 2,3

Ried - Rapid 2 apodosi 2,35

Basel - Lausanne OVER 3,5 apodosi 2,25

Bologna - Genoa OVER apodosi 2,1

Wolfsburg - Werder OVER 3,5 apodosi 2,2

Vitess - Excelsior G/G apodosi 1,8

Malaga - Valencia 1 apodosi 2,2

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 29/04/2012 | 3:28:00 pm

                                        GOALS   IN    UDINE  !!!

                       Good     afternoon  !!

     We    were  a  bit   unlucky    yesterday    with  over  of  Bayern   that   never   came  and  some  other

     choices ( 7/11)  but   let's   go   through   the  programme   today .

     Our    proposals  

    Over   Inter

     Over   Juventus

    Djurgardens   to   win - very  good  indication  at  least  now

    Over   Tottenham

    Bilbao   with  much  risk  for  victory

     g-g   Malaga / secondly  I  propose  tip 1 the  guest  team  will be  tired but  ok  it  has  risk ..

     Atletico  M    to   win

    g-g   Udineze/ over  very   close

    Over   Lille  /  g-g  secondly

    Barca   to    win

                                                   GOOD  LUCK !!




Goooood morning my friends SUPER DAY yesterday with AMAZING ODDS over 4,5 passed easily with odds 5,5 and 3,7 proving again that we are NO1!!!!

For more tips send us e-mail to

Udinese - Lazio OVER 3,5 with odd 3,45 and trading but away team is awful defensively


Basel - Lausanne a crazy one OVER 6,5 with odd close to 13-14 as home team is much much better

Eintracht Frankfurt - 1860 München OVER 4,5 with odd 3,8 but with trading as it is marginal for me


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 28/04/2012 | 3:43:00 pm

           RESULT : 7/11 SUCCESS 63.6 %

                                    GOALS  IN  MUNICH  !!

               Good    afternoon   !!

        Our    proposals   for    today  

    g-g    Bayern  M  /  over   very   close

    g-g  Wolfsburg

    Over   Newcastle

    g-g   CL   Brugge

    Hetafe   to  win

     Over   Espanyol

     Over   Olympiakos

     Over   Vitesse

      Cagliari    to     win

     g-g   Roma  /  over   very   close

      Porto   to  win

                                                                     GOOD    LUCK !


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 25/04/2012 | 3:47:00 pm


                                         GOALS   IN    MADRID  !!

         Good    afternoon  !

    Our    proposals   for    today  

 g-g   Roma /   over   very   close

 g-g   Palermo

 Over    Milan

 Over   Juventus

g-g   Real   M

                                       GOOD   LUCK !

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 23/04/2012 | 5:17:00 pm

                   Have   a   nice   week  !

        In   a  very   medium   level  our   percentage   for   Sunday    whereas   many   clubs  could   not

        take   the   victory . . .

       For    today

       Over    Leicester/  second  tip  2  with  risk

        g-g    Malaga

       Bastia   to    win

       Eintr  Frankfurt   to   win

                                   GOOD    LUCK  !!


joker ! !

Written By Unknown on 22/04/2012 | 3:36:00 pm

                RESULT : 6/12 SUCCESS 50%

                               WITH    GENOA   !  !

        Good     afternoon !

   We   lost   tips   by   one  goal    yesterday   especially   ''over''  that   were   lost    ended  up   with

   total   of  2  goals . ''Classico""  was  what  I   was  personally   afraid  of,   that's  why   we  had  it  in

   many    goals  ....

  Anyway  for   today    we   have  

  Over    Milan  / g-g  can  come

   Genoa   with  risk   for  victory

  Over  Basel

   Bilbao   to  win

  Over   Man  City

  Over  Liverpool

  Kerkira  with  risk   to  win  for  Greek  Superleague

  g-g   Atletico  M  /  over  too

  Rozenborg  to  win

   Lyon    to       win

  g-g   Juve

  Over   Valencia /  secondly   tip  1

                                                               GOOD    LUCK !


2 of Real odd 5,9 yesterday in e-mail tips

Good morning 3 super odds yesterday in my e-mail tips ........ BIG 2 of Real odd 5,9 ........ 2 of Leverkusen odd 2,6 and 1 with handicap of Munich1860 odd 3,2 and i lost in last minute the big surprise of Excelsior odd 5,3 ...... of course some over as always with odd 1,6-1,8.

Here big odds didnt pass unfortunately, lets see today:

PSV - Neimegen OVER 4,5 odd more than 3 as home team is better

Ajax - Groningen OVER 4,5 odd more than 2,5 for the same reason

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 21/04/2012 | 3:58:00 pm

                  RESULT : 5/10  SUCCESS 50 %

                               GOALS    IN    BARCA   !!

         Good     afternoon  !

    We    have    the   match   of   the   day    in    Spain    but  we  have  picked  many   choices    for   you

    Over   Cologne

     g-g   Bayern  M

    Over    Hoffenheim

    Over    Blackburn

    Bristol   City    to  win

    g-g    Q P R / second   tip   2  for  the  guest   team

    Lille   to   win

    Over    Barcelona  /  4-6  goals  can  be  a  second  choice

     g-g   Bordeaux

     Sevilla    to    win

                                                     GOOD   LUCK  !!


Good morning my friends today we won again with trading 5 goals were scored in the game from Holland and lets go today for big odds with trading again:

For more tips send us e-mail to

FC Köln - VfB Stuttgart  OVER 4,5 with odd 3,8 both want to win and normally they shall play offensively

1899 Hoffenheim - Bayer Leverkusen  OVER 3,5 with odd 2,8 as both can score in this game

Excelsior - FC Twente  OVER 4,5 with odd 3,1 away team is better and can score at least 2 goals but even home team can score

Good luck!


Written By Unknown on 20/04/2012 | 2:36:00 pm

Good afternoon my friends back home and we go for a big big odd today from Holland b:

Sparta - AGOVV Apeldoorn OVER 6,5 with odd almost 9!!! Odd is super but play with trading if you can during the game

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 19/04/2012 | 4:27:00 pm

                             GOALS    I N    MADRID  !!

             Our    choices    for   today   in   a   very   poor   programme

    g-g   Atletico /  over  secondly / third  choice   tip1  

    Over    Santos

    Penyarol     to    win  

                                                            GOOD   LUCK  !

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 17/04/2012 | 8:22:00 pm

                             CH   L     TIME   !!!

            Good     afternoon  !!

    The    time  for   real    football    has   come   and   we   have    to    watch    the   ''match''  of    two  very

    famous    clubs   today   .  Our    predictions  are   risky    let's   see   together

   X Real M I  will   go  with  risk   in  the  draw   today  as  I  can  not   find   more  likely  one  tip  or  another /  2-3  goals  would  possibly   be  an  alternative   choice

  Portsmouth    to   win

   Over   Leicester/  secondly  tip  1

   West    Ham   to   win

   Over    Blackpool  

                                                                 GOOD   LUCK !!!



joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 14/04/2012 | 3:27:00 pm



joker !!

Written By Unknown on 13/04/2012 | 3:01:00 pm

                RESULT :  4/5  SUCCESS 80 %

                                     WITH  ROZENBORG !!

                Good     afternoon    !

    We    had   a    good    performance    yesterday    let's    try     our    luck   today   in  a  programme

     that   does  not   offer    the   ''chances''   as   we   say . .

    Over    Stuttgart /  g-g   very   close

    Over   Southampton

    Rozenborg    to   win

    Fortuna  Sittard   to    win

    Fleetwood  T    to  win

                                                    GOOD   LUCK !!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 12/04/2012 | 2:55:00 pm

                      RESULT : 4/4 SUCCESS 100%

                            GOALS   IN   MADRIGAL !!

      Good     afternoon  !!

    Sorry   for   my  absence  the  last   days  we   are  back   again   now..  Let's   see   some   options  for

    today    but    with   low  bets   as   the  programme   has  not  something   special ..

    g-g   Villareal  /  over   is   second  choice

    g-g   St  Liege/  second  choice  1  with  more  risk  of course

    g-g   Venlo

    Sevilla   to  win

                                             GOOD   LUCK !!


Written By Unknown on 11/04/2012 | 5:37:00 pm

Good afternoon 2 big odds from for today HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!

Manchester City - West Brom  OVER 4,5 with odd more than 3,7!!!

Roda JC - Feyenoord over 4,5 WITH ODD more than 3,5 as both score easily  

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 08/04/2012 | 2:30:00 pm

                                 GOALS   IN   BILBAO  !!

              Good     afternoon   !!!

   A bit  unlucky  yesterday  as   we  lost  over Genk and the  same  for  Werder Wr..

 We    have   a   limited    choices   from   matches   to   choose   today   however   we   have   some

    tips   for   you

    g-g   Schalke   /  over   as  a  second  choice

   Over   Arsenal / g-g  I  think  it  will  appear  and  Man City  to  win  with  much  risk as  they  need the victory..

   g-g  Leverkusen  /  over  again

   Cl  Brugge   to   win  

   Over   Bilbao   for   me   it   will   come  very   easily

    P S G    as  a  tip  1   /  second  choice  g-g  and  over 2-1 possible  score..

                                                        GOOD    LUCK  !!


ΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΤΗ Η ΧΘΕΣΙΝΗ ΜΕΡΑ (amazing odds again here and to my e-mail tips) όποιος με ακολούθησε έβγαλε πολλά λεφτά 2 μεγάλες αποδόσεις εδώ της τάξης του 3,5-3,8 και μεγάλες αποδόσεις και στα tips από e-mail: ....... OVER 4,5 Barca ...3,6 ......... 1 Genk odd 2,5 ........ OVER 3,5 Udineze more than 3 ........ 1 Stuttgart odd 2,15  ......... 1 with handicap Cercle Brugge odd 2,25 among the best and other with odds 1,55-1,7 .........

Για νέες εγγραφές επικοινωνήστε στο e-mail μας:

For new sign ups contact us here:


Written By Unknown on 07/04/2012 | 2:14:00 pm

Good morning lets go for big odds again today:

Zaragoza - Barcelona OVER 4,5 and for more riskies over 5,5 with super odd and trading when you can

Geylang United - Tampines Rovers OVER 4,5 with odd more than 3 as home team is quite weak defensively    


                 RESULT :  4/8  SUCCESS 50%

Hi guys bad yesterday we go on today:

G/G Roma both want to win

G/G Totenam both can score

OVER Wolfsburg

OVER Werder

OVER Genk both play offensively

Juve to win today

OVER Lazio as both want to win

1 Espanyol from Spain

Good luck


Written By Unknown on 06/04/2012 | 4:03:00 pm

              RESULT : 2/5 SUCCESS 40%

For today some choices

Besiktas 2

Anderlecht G/G over as a second choice

West Ham to win

Bastia G/G i think

Newcastle G/G and with risk 2

Good luck


Good afternoon a big odd from Wales league today and one from Holland b:

FC Zwolle - FC Emmen OVER 4,5 and for too riskies over 6,5 as home team is by far better and can win easily

Afan Lido - Newtown OVER 4,5 with trading as both can score and more home team 

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 05/04/2012 | 8:09:00 pm

                               RESULT :  3/4  SUCCESS 75%

                                  GOALS   IN   VALENCIA !!

             Good    afternoon  !!

    Today  we   have   these  options  for  you

   Over  Valencia/g-g Alkmaar

   g-g   Atletico  M

   Bilbao   to     win

   Libertad   to   win

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 03/04/2012 | 8:34:00 pm

                                RESULT : 2/4 SUCCESS 50%

                                                  WITH   BARCA   !!

                Good     afternoon  !!

      Our    choices    for   today

    Over   Bayern  M  /  4-6 goals

     4-6  goals   Barcelona   risky   choice

    Swindon   to   win

     York    to   win

                                                GOOD   LUCK !!


Written By Unknown on 02/04/2012 | 4:31:00 pm

Good afternoon risky choice for today but with trading:

Eindhoven - Dordrecht OVER 3,5 with odd 2,8 both can score in this game

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 01/04/2012 | 2:55:00 pm

                        RESULT : 4/12 SUCCESS 33.3 %

                             FIORE   POWER    !!!

          Good     afternoon  !

        Our    choices    for   today    are

    g-g   Liverpool

    g-g   Lecce

    Inter   to   win /  over   secondly

     Fiorentina    to   win

      Tottenham   for  victory

    Over   Anderlecht

    Over   Schalke

     g-g   Fener

     Rozenborg   to   win

    Lyon   with   much  risk  to  win

     Over   Juve /  second  tip   1

     Over   VIllareal

                                                                GOOD   LUCK  !!

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