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joker !!

Written By Unknown on 31/10/2012 | 4:09:00 pm

                           Have   a    nice   afternoon  !!

                              Our    proposals

                               g-g   Duisburg/ over secondly

                               Over  Stuttgart

                              g-g  Kalmar/ over  too

                               Over  Djurgardens

                                Zaragoza  to win

                               Over  St Liege

                               Over   Wolfsburg

                               g-g  Chelsea /  4-6 goals for more  risky

                               Chievo  to   win

                                Cagliari  to   win

                                Over  P S G

                               Real  M  to win

                                g-g  Chicago

                                                           GOOD   LUCK !!




Hannover on fire - Spartacus

Good afternoon my friends October ends and one more month was profitable for us. Today with a bit risk as it is a game for cup

Hannover - Dresden OVER 3,5 odd around 2,1 home team is super offensively and if they play normal they can score many goals

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 30/10/2012 | 4:02:00 pm

                                GOALS  IN  ANDERLECHT !!

                               Our    proposals

                               Over    Anderlecht

                               g-g   Leeds

                                g-g   Arsenal

                                 A Villa   with  risk  to  win

                                Over  Palermo /  second  choice  tip 2 with  risk

                                Vareze   to  win

                                 Lille   to  win

                                Over   Barca

                                                                   GOOD   LUCK !!


Hurricane Sandy Amazing Pics

Hurricane Sandy in on the way to the east coast of USA and i have found some amazing pics which show the tremendous strength of this storm.


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 29/10/2012 | 3:42:00 pm

                                                        RESULT :  3/6 SUCCESS 50%

                               WITH    COPENHAGEN  !!!

                       Have   a  nice  week  !!

                        Our    proposals

                     2-3 goals   Panathinaikos

                      Olympiakos   to   win

                     Over   Brann

                    Over   Fener

                     g-g    Portsmouth

                    g-g   Valladolid

                                              GOOD   LUCK !!

Brann on fire - Spartacus

Good morning my friends AGAIN AND AGAIN super performance 10/13 here in our blog and 11/15 in e-mail tips. ODDS given in e-mail:

OVER Newcastle 1,85 ... over Stuttgart 1,6 .....over Hannover 1,85... g/g San paouli 1,7 and Frankfurt g/g odd 1,7 ....... Levante over 2,15 ....Heracles over 3,5 2.3 ....... Servet over with trading .... 1 Sen galen odd 1,8 ....PSV k Vitesse over

ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ στο chat μην ασχολείστε με άλλα blog,site είναι ανώριμο να προχωράμε σε αντεγκλίσεις για μικρά πράματα. Ο καθένας γνωρίζει τι θέλει και ποιον θα εμπιστευτεί.


Brann - Lilestrom OVER here i will risk October ends so lets play sth crazy, (100 euro for over 2,5 .... 60 euro for over 3,5 odd 2,2 ..... 40 euro for over 4,5 odd 3,6 ..... 20 euro for over 5,5 odd 7,0 and 10 euro for over 6,5 odd 15!!!) Risky choice of course 


Περιμένοντας τους Άγγλους στην ΑΕΚ

Αναμένονται σήμερα στην Αθήνα για να έχουν συνάντηση με τον Βιντιάδη

Εν αναμονή των εκπροσώπων της επενδυτικής τράπεζας Seymour Pierce βρίσκονται στην ΑΕΚ. Οι Άγγλοι αναμένονται σήμερα στην Αθήνα για να έχουν συνάντηση με τον Δημήτρη Βιντιάδη.

Με τη διοίκηση δεν υπάρχει κάποιο προγραμματισμένο ραντεβού, ωστόσο ο Έλληνας εφοπλιστής έχει ζητήσει να είναι σε επιφυλακή για την περίπτωση που χρειαστούν κάποια επιπλέον στοιχεία.

Οι εκπρόσωποι της τράπεζας θα μείνουν στην Ελλάδα μέχρι την Τετάρτη κι εν συνεχεία, βάσει όσων ακούσει από το στόμα τους, ο Δημήτρης Βιντιάδης θα πάρει τις τελικές του αποφάσεις. Οι άνθρωποι της τράπεζας είναι πλήρως ενημερωμένοι για τα οικονομικά στοιχεία της ΠΑΕ και τις οφειλές της. Μένει να φανεί, εφόσον ολοκληρωθεί το deal, πώς θα γίνει η αλλαγή σκυτάλης στην ΠΑΕ και αν η πλευρά Βιντιάδη θα έχει τη συμπαράσταση ξένων επενδυτών.

Σημειώνεται πως η αύξηση μετοχικού κεφαλαίου στην ΠΑΕ τρέχει μέχρι τις 5 Νοεμβρίου. Αν μέχρι τότε δεν έχει καλυφθεί και δεν μπουν τα περίπου 10,5 εκατ. ευρώ που απαιτούνται για τη μεταβίβαση του πλειοψηφικού πακέτου μετοχών, θα οριστεί νέα ημερομηνία για γενική συνέλευση στις 27 ή 28 του μήνα, που θα προκηρύξει νέα αύξηση μετοχικού κεφαλαίου, στην οποία θα μπορούν να συμμετέχουν οι ενδιαφερόμενοι. Πάντως εφόσον στο μεσοδιάστημα υπάρχει συμφωνία, το πρόβλημα της ρευστότητας μπορεί να αντιμετωπιστεί με την κατάθεση χρημάτων στα ταμεία της ΠΑΕ «έναντι μελλοντικής αύξησης μετοχικού κεφαλαίου».


Mark Clattenburg: Chelsea make complaint against referee


Chelsea have made a formal complaint against referee Mark Clattenburg after accusing him of using "inappropriate language" to two of their players in the defeat by Manchester United.
Part of the allegation is that Clattenburg used racial language, BBC Sport has learned.
It is also understood midfielder John Mikel Obi is involved in the complaint.
"We have lodged a complaint to the Premier League match delegate," said a Chelsea spokesman.
"The match delegate will pass the complaint to the Football Association."

Referees' organisation Professional Game Match Officials (PGMO) later issued a statement which said: "PGMO is aware of the allegations and they are being treated with the utmost seriousness.
"Mark will co-operate fully and welcomes the opportunity for the facts to be established."
All four officials - the referee, his two assistants and the fourth official - wear microphones and ear pieces that allow them to hear what each other is saying throughout the match, although what is said between them is not recorded.
The news that Chelsea had made the complaint rounded off a dramatic day which saw the Blues lose their unbeaten top-flight record after Javier Hernandez struck a controversial winner 15 minutes from time.
Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic and Fernando Torres were both given red cards in the space of five minutes in United's 3-2 win, with the Spaniard's dismissal for diving disputed by Chelsea.

orres was shown a second yellow card in the 68th minute despite appearing to be clipped by defender Jonny Evans.
Chelsea also felt aggrieved that Hernandez's winner was allowed to stand, as television replays suggested he was marginally offside before converting Rafael Da Silva's cross.
"It is a shame a game like this had to be decided in that manner by officials," said Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo.
"Surely when the referee watches it he will realise he has made big mistakes."
Durham-based Clattenburg, 37, is viewed by the PGMO as one of the country's leading officials.
He regularly referees games in European competitions and was put in charge of the League Cup final in February and the Olympic final between Brazil and Mexico in August.
In 2009, he was suspended over allegations about his business dealings but Clattenburg appealed and returned to officiating having served an eight-month ban.
In addition, Chelsea are to investigate reports that a steward was injured by objects thrown from the crowd at Stamford Bridge.
Hernandez appeared to be pelted as he celebrated scoring United's winner in front of Chelsea fans in the Matthew Harding Stand.
After that, a steward required 10 minutes of treatment before being taken to hospital.


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 28/10/2012 | 3:51:00 pm

                                                                   RESULT   9/12 SUCCESS 75%  

      2 matches  p p 

                               VIOLA  FOR  VICTORY !!

                   Our   proposals

                   Inter   to  win

                   g-g  Sampdoria

                  Fiorentina  with  risk  to  win/ g-g  secondly

                   Over  Stuttgart

                   Over  Young  Boys

                   Over   Man   Un /  g-g  can  come

                    g-g   Hannover

                    Bilbao  to  win

                     Over   CL  Brugge

                     Over   Tromso

                      g-g   Brondby

                     Over   Atletico  M

                      Over   Roma

                       g-g   Marseille

                                                                 GOOD   LUCK  !!

Levante to win - Spartacus

Good morning my friends so and so yesterday with only 2 big odds OVER 3,5 of Ried odd 3,0 and over 3,5 Helsinki 2,6 ....... Here OVER of Werder practically won as score was 1-1 from first half and won with good trading. ONE MORE time, now that winter is on the way in many countries DONT WAIT for a game to finish PLAY CLEVER when you have the chance!! You will win more often.

Levante - Granada OVER odd 2,15 but trading both can score in this game and the odd is high

GOOD LUCK (for new sign up to e-mail tips for November contact 

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 27/10/2012 | 3:35:00 pm

                                                                             RESULT  8/14 SUCCESS 57.1%

                                GOALS  IN  BORO  !!

                               Our   proposals

                         g-g   Dortmund / over  secondly

                         Over   Werder

                         g-g   Leicester

                          Over  Middlesbrough

                         Over  Leeds

                          g-g   Fulham  /   over  with  luck  can  come

                         Valencia  with  much risk  to  win /  secondly  g-g and  over

                          Over  Galata

                          Paok   to   win

                          Over  Bristol City

                          Monpellier  to  win

                          P S G  to  win

                          Over   Milan

                          Over   Barcelona

                                                     GOOD   LUCK !!

PANIC FOR BOOKIES 5 ODDS more than 2,0 yesterday - SPARTACUS

AMAZING AGAIN!!!!! SUPER ODDS for one more time from NO1 blog for betting tips. ODDS given in e-mail tips: OVER Cologne odd 2,1 ........ 2-3 goals Ingolstadt odd 2,0 ..... Malmo with handicap odd 2,1 ........ Haugesund OVER 3,5 odd 2,4 ..... OVER 3,5 Barcelona B odd 2,5

Sign up now and WIN BIG MONEY contact us here:

ΤΟΥΣ ΧΟΡΕΨΑΜΕ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΛΙ αποδόσεις μεγάλες όπως μόνο εμείς δίνουμε τόσο συχνά στα καλύτερα e-mail tips στο διαδίκτυο. Οι εγγραφές συνεχίζονται στο mail:

For today:

Greuter - Werder OVER odd 1,9 which seems too high as both can score in this game, for riskies over 3,5 odd 3,1

Odds given by betfair:

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 26/10/2012 | 5:18:00 pm

                                 Hi !  

                                Our    proposals   for   today  

                            Over   Malmo FF

                            g-g   Cologne

                             g-g   Hamburg

                              Brommappojkarna  to  win

                             Sparta  Rot     to  win

                              g-g   St   Patricks

                                                             GOOD   LUCK !!


ODD 14 yesterday in e-mail tips!! - SPARTACUS

Good morning my friends medium day yesterday but with some big odds in e-mail tips. ODD 14 in the game of Panathinaikos as i suggested for riskies 2/X it was obvious that Lazio would score a goal and then try to keep the score. Also 2 of Metallist odd 2,3 ........ 1 of Dniepr odd 2,1 ... OVER Young Boys and 1X Maribor odd 2,1.

For today:

Haugesund - Strømsgodset OVER 3,5 with odd 2,4 as both can score, it is the last chance for away team to reach the top but as i have mentioned several times in Norway all teams fight to win, there is no team with no interest

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 25/10/2012 | 4:27:00 pm

                                 GOALS  IN SWEDEN !!

                                 Our     proposals

                                Basel  with  risk  to  win

                                 g-g   Lyon / ove r can  come

                                 Over  Hannover/ second  choice  tip  2  for  guest  team

                                 Leverkusen  to  win

                                  Over  Tottenham

                                   Over  Molde

                                    Bordeaux   with  much risk  for  victory

                                    Over  Brugge

                                     Over  Napoli

                                      g-g  Stuttgart

                                                                   GOOD   LUCK !!

Inter? shall we trust them? - Spartacus

Good afternoon my friends bad day yesterday and in general we must avoid european cups but ok lets see a risky choice for tonight

Inter - Partizan away team to score odd 2,0 and for riskies X2 home team seems not to be too much interested for Europa cup and a surprise may arise


Zenit fight to death - Spartacus

Written By Unknown on 24/10/2012 | 12:16:00 pm

Good morning my friends yesterday again OVER odd 2,0 passed from first half and we won easily, also in e-mail tips i suggested X2 of Cluz in Turkey. The big surprise was this of Juve who managed to lose points in Denmark.

For today:

Zenit - Anderlecht OVER odd 1,9 and for riskies over 3,5 home team is very good offensively and it is a must win game for them. On the other hand belgian team has very fast offensive players who can score any time. So sth like 2-1 or 3-1 seems logical.


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 23/10/2012 | 4:45:00 pm

                                     WITH BAYERN !

                       Our    proposals

                        Galata   to  win

                         Bayern   M    to   win

                         Over   Barcelona

                         g-g  Valencia

                         Over   Chelsea / g-g  and  tip 1  secondly  with  risk  for  Sahtar

                          Over   Cardiff

                          g-g   Leeds

                                                      GOOD   LUCK !!


Good afternoon my friends super day yesterday with odd 3,8 here and other in e-mail tips won. 3,8 WON from FIRST HALF!!!
For e-mail tips contact us here:

Spartak - Benfica OVER odd 2,0 it is a bit risky but home team will strive to win, they are good offensively but bad defensively

Milan Jovanovic Candidate for 'miss of the season' competition

Although Jovanovic’s miss may not surpass Chris Iwelumo’s open-goal fiasco for Scotland against Norway in 2008, it certainly rivals that of Fernando Torres against Manchester United last season.

Unlike the previous two examples, the Serbian international was saved by the fact his side came away from Friday night’s match with a 2-0 win and Jovanovic bagging one of the goals, but it was a bit of a stinker none-the-less.

Anderlecht currently sit second in the Belgian top-flight, level on points with Club Brugges who currently have a game in hand, while their opponents Waasland-Beveren are just three points clear of bottom side Cercle Bruges.

With things so tight at the top of the league, Anderlecht and Jovanovic will both be hoping the title doesn’t come down to goal difference at the end of the season...

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