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joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 30/04/2011 | 3:45:00 pm

Good    afternoon !!

Let's   look   the   matches   today  

g -g  Leverkusen /  over  is  near  too  and  3rd choice  victory for guest team

Dortmund   to  win

Austria W  2(X) but  with  risk  we  shall  choose the  big  odd

Over   Chelsea

Over  Bayern M

Aek  for  Greek  Cup to  win

Over   Napoli

Over   Atletico M /  second  choice  here victory for  guest  team

Many goals from Greuter?? Odd 8,5 yesterday!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 29/04/2011 | 5:48:00 pm

                                        RESULT: 4/5 SUCCESS 80%

Good   afternoon !! 

Some   tips  just   for   the ''cigar''  today   awaiting   the  weekend

Over   Her. Berlin

Kaiserslautern  to  win

Shamrock  to  win

g-g  Werder /  over secondly

St. Liege   to  win

I support Valladolid

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 27/04/2011 | 8:07:00 pm

            RESULT : 1/4 SUCCESS 25%

Good    afternoon  my   friends  !!

Man  Un   took   the   lead   from   the  first  leg  easier   than   expected  yesterday !

        Let's    have   a    quick   look   

Fulham   to  win

Estudiantes   to   win

Over   Santos/afterwards   to  win

Over   Sao  Paolo


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 26/04/2011 | 6:10:00 pm

                                   RESULT: 2/3 SUCCESS 66,7%

Good   afternoon !!

Let's   see   today   if   we   can   bet  on   something

g-g   I  suggest  Man  Un /  afterwards  victory  for  the  guest  team

Stoke  to  win - good  indication

Velez  to   win    


Written By Unknown on 22/04/2011 | 6:16:00 pm

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Written By Unknown on 20/04/2011 | 9:35:00 pm

Let's    have   a   quick   look   at   today's   matches   when   all   eyes   shall 

have   no   patience   for   the   Spanish  2nd  round  among  Blaugrana  and ''queen''

Over   Milan

g-g  Barca

g-g   Arsenal

Santos   to  win / over





Written By Unknown on 18/04/2011 | 12:10:00 pm

Good morning my friends a great day for us yesterday with 7/9 for Joker and 7/10 for me with great odd as 2 and correct score of PSV, under of Twente (as i told u it was a value bet with these teams), over 3,5 of Waalwaik etc.

I want to wish you HAPPY EASTER - ΚΑΛΟ ΠΑΣΧΑ ΣΕ ΟΛΟΥΣ................................... i will post after Easter, wish you all the best!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 17/04/2011 | 3:23:00 pm

Good    afternoon  !!

Not   the   best   we   could   do   for  our  tips  yesterday   ,  Barcelona   could   take

the  match   late   ..  Anyway   let's   have  a   look   for   Sunday

g-g   Juventus

Over   Bayern  M

Marseille   to  win

Trambozspor    to   win

g-g   Arsenal

Sociedad   with   risk  and   big  odd   to   win

Over   Napoli /  be  hesitant  here I'm  not  sure for  the  victory  of home  team..

g-g   P S G

Over   Atletico  M


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 16/04/2011 | 4:08:00 pm

                                      RESULT : 6/13 SUCCESS 46,1 %

Good   afternoon   and   have   a   pleasant    weekend  !!

Let's   see   today   the   matches

Over  Wolfsburg/  secondly   victory  for  home  team

Over   Blackpool

Over   Leeds 

Over  Accrington

g-g   Sevilla

Werder  W  to   win

Ren   to  win

S Ettienne   to   win

Inter   to   win   away

Over   Milan

Over   Lille

                                          good  luck

Barcelona   with  risk   to  win /  over  can  come  easily  as  both  teams  are  offensive

N  York    good  indication  now

El Classico

Trust PSV?

Written By Unknown on 14/04/2011 | 5:23:00 pm

joker !!!

Good   afternoon  !!!

So   and  so  yesterday   we  have  Europa  league  and   let's  have   a  look

Porto   with  risk  to  win

Over   PSV /  g-g  can  also  come

Over   Twente /  g-g  can  come  too

Midtjylland  to  win

Braga  1(X) to  be  covered  

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 13/04/2011 | 8:15:00 pm

Good   afternoon !!!

Real   g-g / second  tip  victory  for  guest team

g-g   Inter

Over   Rangers

Arbroath    to   win


Good afternoon bad day for us yesterday but the games are of no interest so be cautious today as well. just estimations:

Tottenham - Real Madrid just with risk UNDER but the game is of no interest

Schalke 04 - Internazionale 2 and over as Inter must take at least the victory, the bad is that we dont know how they will behave

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 12/04/2011 | 8:19:00 pm

Good    afternoon !!!

Some   tips   for   today

Over   Leicester

Over    Milwall

g-g   Barcelona / secondly  we  choose  victory  for  guest  team

Reading   to   win



Another amazing day for us yesterday with 9/9!!!!!!!!!! After 10/13 of Joker on Sunday and the big odds from me!!! We hope you have won much money again!!!! Few tips for today:

Hartberg - St. Andra OVER

Bury - Burton Albion 1

Millwall - Bristol City 1

FC Shakhtar Donetsk - FC Barcelona 1X open double chance as Barca has won with 5-1 and has the game against Real this weekend! 

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 11/04/2011 | 5:45:00 pm

RESULT: 4/4 100% SUCCESS (9/9 from both tipsters)

Have   a   nice   week  !

Better   than   Saturday   for   our   tips  Sunday   let's   have  a  look   today

Besiktas   to   win

Malmo  F F   to  win

Over   Man City/ g-g   can  come  too

Braga   to  win



Good afternoon GREAT TIPS for us yesterday with 9/13 from Joker and super tips from me in Holland 2 of Fetenord with odd 3,4 and X of Roda with odd 4,5 among the best!!!!! In a hurry some tips for today:

Lyngby - Esbjerg OVER and over 3,5 for the risky ones

VfL Bochum - Hertha Berlin 2X and 2 for the risky ones

Cambuur - FC Den Bosch OVER

Zaragoza - Getafe 1 and 2-3 goals for the risky ones

Sporting Braga - Vitória Guimarães 1 and 1/1 for the risky ones

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 10/04/2011 | 3:38:00 pm

                              RESULT : 10/13 SUCCESS 77 %

Good    afternoon   and   we   welcome   our   member   back  Spartacus  .. !
We  could   even   better   than   just   7/14   yesterday   let's   have   a  look  today

Napoli  to   win

g-g   Palermo

A  Villa    to   win

Marseille   to   win

Gladbach   with  much  risk  to   win

Helsingborg    with  risk  to  win  1(X) to  be  covered 

Malaga   to   win

Sp  Xixon   to  win

Over   Leverkusen

Over   Cl  Brugge

Over   Panathinaikos

Over   Milan/ g-g  can  also  come 

Valencia   to  win /  over  too


Good morning my friends back again after my trip to Cyprus. From this blog i really want to thank all people in Cyprus for being so friendly with me and for sure Cyprus will be in my heart, great country for vacations!!!

Lets see now some tips for today:

Zürich - Grasshoppers OVER and 1/1 too

FC Twente - Roda JC they keep underestimate Roda i keep on betting on this team. Roda to score with odd 1,6 first choice and 2X open double chance too with odds 7,0 and 4,5

FC Utrecht - Feyenoord away team is improved so the game is not easy for the home team!! X2 open double chance for me and in a system Under as well with odd around 2,2!!!

Ajax - FC Groningen such a game and they give odd 1,4 for 1????? oh come on for sure Ajax can win but Gron. has a good team. So AWAY TEAM to score with odd 1,6 and X2 open double chance for the risky ones

Aris - Olympiakos Volou X2 open double chance

Panionios - Panserraikos 1 and 1/1 for the risky ones i dont believe they want to suicide there in Nea Smirni

Club Brugge - Anderlecht home team is improved and Ander really astonished me when they lost last Sunday from Standard!! It is the el classico of Belgium but i will suggest OVER and then 2 for the risky ones

Fiorentina - AC Milan 2 as home team has no interest   

St. Gallen - Xamax 1 and over

Bologna - Napoli 2 with many chances as home team practically has no interest

Bari - Catania 2-3 goals with the risk that this bet has

Juventus - Genoa home team needs 3 points but with this Juve it is a suicide to bet for an odd of 1,5. So OVER with odd 1,9!!!!!

SC Paderborn 07 - FC Ingolstadt 04 OVER with odd 2!!!!! Simply i play it ok it may sounds difficult but i believe it

Bayer Leverkusen - FC St. Pauli OVER and only with risk away team to score as odd is 1,8 not at all bad for a team to score

Borussia Mönchengladbach - FC Köln home team needs 3 points but i am not sure if they can succeed so i will avoid 1 and suggest OVER as i think both teams can score

Blackpool - Arsenal OVER as home team is very weak and Arsenal can score many goals. Cause odd is around 1,5 we can risk with over 3,5 too. Personally i will with over 4,5 but with trading!!!  

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 09/04/2011 | 4:07:00 pm

Good    afternoon  !!!

  Many   games    let's   see   in  a   hurry  

Over   Bayern  M

g-g   Dortmund

Blackburn   to    win  -  shows  also  indication 

Tottenham   must   take   the  match  (after  the  bad result  of  ch L)

Leicester   to  win  /  over   secondly

Over   Southampton

Tenerife  to  win -  shows  very  good  ind  for  the  time

Fenerbahce    to     win   away

Over   Roma  /  g-g   second  choice

Lorient   to  win

Over   Bordeaux

Auxerre   to   win  otherwise  the  division 2 is  coming ...

Over   Barcelona

Over   Sevilla  


Written By Unknown on 08/04/2011 | 12:35:00 pm

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 07/04/2011 | 4:47:00 pm

                                      RESULT : 3/5  SUCCESS 60%

   Good     afternoon ! !

         I   couldn't   post    the  previous   day   as   I   was  in  a   hurry   but   we  have

         to    admit    the    advantage   Man  Un   managed   to   take   for   the  second 

         match   and   of   course   the   dream  team   from   Barcelona   offered  one 

         more   90 minute   of   gorgeous  football ! !

             Over    Benfica  /  g-g  secondly

             Villareal   to   win

             Over   Porto 

             Dinamo Kiev    to   win

             Emelec    to   win

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 05/04/2011 | 5:21:00 pm

                                      RESULT : 5/7  SUCCESS 71,4 %

Good   afternoon !!

 Many   games   with   bad   results   for   Sunday   but   we  hope  the   matches  will

continue   to   become   more  normal   ....

Let's   see   today

Inter  to  win

Rangers  to     win

Over  Luton

Over   Accrington

Reading   to  win

Peterborough   2(X) to  be  covered

for   Real  M   what  to  say  just  g-g  !

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 03/04/2011 | 3:25:00 pm

                                           RESULT : 5/15  SUCCESS 33,3 %

Have  a   nice  Sunday !! We  could  even   better   than  8/13  but   let's  see in   a  hurry  today

Parma   to  win

Udineze  to  win/g-g  also  and  over  can  come  too

Over  Cologne

Man  City   to  win /  over  secondly

Lyon   to  win

Wolfsburg   must  take  the  match  /  over  another  choice  here -yesterday  matches for Budesliga  almost  all  ended up  under

Espanyol   to  win

Sociedad   to   win

Anderlecht   to  win  /over  too

Over  Olympiakos 

Sevilla    to  win

g-g  Roma

Marseille   to   win

Over   Atletico  M

Benfica   with  much  risk  to  win !!



joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 02/04/2011 | 4:03:00 pm

                                            RESULT :  8/13 SUCCESS 61,5%

Good    afternoon   my  friends ... 

Let's   see   the   programme   very   quickly

g-g   Werder

Over   Leverkusen

Mainz   to  win

Over   Dortmund

Over   Tottenham

Over   Burnley

Over   Arsenal

Lille   to  win

Monaco  to  win

Roda   to  win

g-g   Valencia 

g-g   Milan/over   secondly

Barca   to win away


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 01/04/2011 | 8:01:00 pm

                            RESULT : 2/4 SUCCESS 50%
Good   afternoon and  be  patient  till    weekend !!!

Some  tips   just   for  fun....

Over  Peterborough

Metz  to  win

Over  St  Pauli

Torino   to  win
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