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Written By Unknown on 30/06/2011 | 6:06:00 pm

Good morning my friends today the preliminary round of Europa league starts but for sure we dont know how such teams will behave. I will give you some estimations but they will ne risky so be careful.

UN Käerjéng - BK Häcken 2 with one goal handicap

Fulham FC - NSÍ Runavík over 3,5

ÍF Fuglafjørour - KR Reykjavík 2 and with handicap one goal

Daugava - Tromsø 2 as i said choices for europa are risky but Tromso has a good team

Brann - Odd Grenland wird game dont run to play 1 i think both teams can score so i prefer G/G firstly and for the risky ones X2 open double

Viking - Sarpsborg 08 1 and with risk with one goal handicap

TPS - FC Haka 1 home team is better but the odd is 1,5 so for the risky ones 2-3 goals instead


Written By Unknown on 28/06/2011 | 3:21:00 pm!/group.php?gid=328346355095 Our Facebook group where you can post your questions, estimations etc. Already more than 2300 members in less than a year for the best bet blog in Greece

Good morning my friends during these days that there are no good choices to suggest for betting we will present you some of the betting sites that you can choose to play. Today we will present you BET365. For us this site has the best live you can find really many many games from every league you can imagine and for sure we are talking for EASY MONEY when playing goals in leagues like Norway 2nd Division, Iceland 2nd Division, Sweden under 19, womens football. So DONT LOSE the chance for us MONEY are mainly now that such games are available. Over is almost sure in such games!! Also for tennis lovers BET365 has many offers and choices!!!

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 27/06/2011 | 6:09:00 pm

Good   afternoon   and   have  a   nice  week !!

Monday   today   and   matches  from  Sweden 1st  and  2nd  division   shall   attract  our  betting  attention !

Some  proposals   therefore

Over   Elfsborg

Sundsvall   to  win

Landskrona   to  win

Over   Hammarby

-play  only  if  you can't  avoid  it  remember -

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 26/06/2011 | 5:45:00 pm

Good   afternoon  !!

Let's   have  a   quick   look  at   today's   events  - yesterday  we  can  say  the  day  went   well !

Stromsgontset   to  win

Asker   to  win

Hacken   Over

River  Plate   to  win

Rozenborg   2(X) for  more   risky  just  the  victory  for  the guest  team

Over   Internacional


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 25/06/2011 | 4:37:00 pm

 Have  a   nice   weekend  ! !

Let's   have  a   quick   look   at   today's   matches   although   I   wouldn't   express  my   enthusiasm   about

the   available   programme  . . !

Aalesunds   to   win

Degerfors  to   win - good  indication

Over   Goias

Over   Cruzeiro

L. A  2(X)

Washington     with   risk  to  win-big  odd  too ..

Mexico   with   big  odd  to  win  -  open  double  chance  for  those  to  be  safe 2(X)


Written By Unknown on 23/06/2011 | 6:54:00 pm

Hi my friends few tips from Sweden today:

Malmo OVER, Helsinborg over and Bromapoikarna 1 GOOD LUCK


Quite good yesterday for my tips and of course what i told you these period of time lay 0-0 is the best we could have won at least 100 euro yesterday! Easy money for the summer. Lets see few tips for today:
Brommapojkarna - Landskrona BoIS OVER with a bit risk it is marginal

Malmö FF - Gefle IF 1 is low and i will risk with 2-3 goals for better odd

Örebro SK - Djurgårdens IF 1 but maybe more difficult

Helsingborgs IF - Trelleborgs FF 1 and with risk with one goal handicap too

JJK - FC Honka i will risk with over although it is marginal i think both teams can score in this game so if you can find an odd around 2,3-2,5 in live just shoot it and play with trading then!!

joker !

Written By Unknown on 19/06/2011 | 4:11:00 pm

Have  a   nice  Sunday !!

We   have   many   games   from   Norway    mainly   and   other  nothern  countries  so   it's  time  to

focus   on    our    programme

Helsingborg   seems   to  have   good  luck  -  indication  good  now

Valerenga  to  win/ Over   secondly

Ars. Saranti      to  win

Over    Stabaek

Rozenborg   to  win /  over  as  a  second  tip

Turku   with  big  odd  and  similar  risk  of  course  !

U21  England   can   beat   today

Over   Sao  Paolo

Over   Velez


In a hurry my tips:

Palmeiras - Avai OVER

Hødd - Strømmen 1 with odd 1,8

Sandefjord - Ham-Kam over and with risk x2 with odd 3,4 and 3,4

Vålerenga - Sarpsborg 08 1 AND with risk with one goal handicap too

Brann - Aalesunds FK OVER

Fredrikstad - Odd Grenland 2-3 goals with the risk that this bet has

KuPS - TPS X2 open double chance as TPS is a bit better

Molde - Sogndal OVER and with risk over 3,5 as both teams can score

joker !

Written By Unknown on 18/06/2011 | 4:27:00 pm

                                        RESULT : 4/6  SUCCESS 66.6%

Good    afternoon  !!!

We   could    have   achieved   the  absolute  yesterday   if   it  was not   for  Kansas .  Let's  see  today

Orebro   2(X)   for  coverage

Sligo  Rovers  to  win

Oster  with  much  risk  to  win - big  odd !

U21  Switzerland  to  win

Helsinki  to  win

Cruzeiro   to  win

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 17/06/2011 | 5:53:00 pm

                                                      RESULT : 3/4 SUCCESS 75%

Good   afternoon !!

Let's   have   a   quick   look    at   the   very   few   games   for   Friday   awaiting   the  weekend  of  course..

St Patricks  to   win

Derry   to   win

Over   Shamrock  R

Over  Kansas


Written By Unknown on 16/06/2011 | 4:31:00 pm

My tips for today:

Hønefoss BK - Nybergsund 1 and over whatever u like personally i prefer betting on goals

Bodø/Glimt - Kongsvinger 1x and for the risky 1 with odd 1,9 but it is a bit risky choice

Ranheim - Sandnes Ulf 1 WITH ODD 1,75 is very good

Ham-Kam - Randaberg ok 1 is sure so i wont bet on it but over 3,5 for start with odd 1,8 and with risk over 4,5 with 3, over 5,5 with odd 5,5 and personally over 6,5 but with trading ODD IS SUPER 10!!!!!!!!

Viking - Brann OVER as both teams can score

Aalesunds FK - Rosenborg 2x open double, Rose wont lose today but they must start to win one day..........

TPS - FC Inter 2x it is a topical derby in any other case 2 but now only eith risk

FC Honka - FF Jaro 1 and over

joker !!

Written By Unknown on 13/06/2011 | 5:52:00 pm

                                                    RESULT : 4/7 SUCCESS 57.1 %

Have  a  nice  week  !

Bad  day  the  last  Sunday  for  me  but   we  keep   going   because   we  have  many  matches

Inter  T    to   win

Over   Molde

Over   Stabaek

Kongsvinger   to  win

Goteborg  to  win

Helsingborg   to   win

Haugesund   with  risk  to  win !


joker !!

Written By Unknown on 12/06/2011 | 3:33:00 pm

Another   Sunday   together !  We   could   more  than  4/6 yesterday  anyway   let's  see   if   we  have  to

bet   on   for  Sunday

Velez   for  me  can  take  the  match  to  keep   hunting  the  championship ..

Over   Haka     see   the  recent   results  of  the  guest  team  here.. if  over  doesn't  appear  it  will be  a surprise  !

Lanus   to  win / over   second  choice

Internacional   good  indication   for  the  time  being

U21  with  risk  of  course   Spain  to  win

Over  B Juniors


joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 11/06/2011 | 4:58:00 pm

                                                       RESULT : 4/6 SUCCESS 66.6%

Good   afternoon  my  friends !!

When   most   championships  have  come  to  the  end  , some  matches   from   northern  countries  , brazil

and  friendly  games  seem   to   draw  our   attention  !

Liungskile    to   win-  good  indication

Kalmar   to   win

Paraguay   to   win

Cruzeiro   to  win

Canada   to  win

Over   Sao   Paolo

joker !!!

Good   afternoon  my  friends !!

When   most   championships  have  come  to  the  end  , some  matches   from   northern  countries  , brazil

and  friendly  games  seem   to   draw  our   attention  !

Liungskile    to   win-  good  indication

Kalmar   to   win

Paraguay   to   win

Cruzeiro   to  win

Canada   to  win

Over   Sao   Paolo

joker !!!

Good   afternoon  my  friends !!

When   most   championships  have  come  to  the  end  , some  matches   from   northern  countries  , brazil

and  friendly  games  seem   to   draw  our   attention  !

Liungskile    to   win-  good  indication

Kalmar   to   win

Paraguay   to   win

Cruzeiro   to  win

Canada   to  win

Over   Sao   Paolo

joker !!!!

Written By Unknown on 08/06/2011 | 5:35:00 pm

                                         RESULT : 3/4 SUCCESS 75 %

Hello   guys !!

I  hope  you  are  all  ok  ,   the   day   is  not   the  most  preferred   for  our  hobby  anyway   let's   have

a  quick   look  at   the  events !

Brommapojkarna   to  win

Over  Netherlands

Celta   to  win

Coritiba   to   win

                                       be  patient   with  slight  bets  !

joker !!!

Written By Unknown on 05/06/2011 | 6:33:00 pm


Good   afternoon !!!

I   couldn't    post    due   to  some   work   every   day   but   we   are   back   again ... !!

Let's   see   if    we   can   bet  on   something  today

Lov  Ham   to  win - good  indication

Santos   to   win

Hodd  to win

Ham - Kam   to  win

Gremio   to   win

Internacional 2(X)   to  be covered - second choice  just victory with  risk  !


Written By Unknown on 04/06/2011 | 3:59:00 pm


Hi guys my tips for today:

Brazil OVER

Portugal 1 and over

Israel 2x with risk 2

Las Palmas 1

Celta 1, Denmark 2........ USA G/G and England OVER

good luck



Good morning yesterday i lost the big surprise (odd 4,75) of Austria in the very last minute so i cant say that it was a good day. But as always when we have games with national teams it is not a good betting day! Lets see in a hurry for today:

If you dont have an account in Betfair sign up now they have done the mistake to have games from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark low divisions where usually many goals can be scored and of course easy money.

Iceland - Denmark 2 must win game
Celta - Cartagena 1

Elche - Xerez 1 and over 2-1 possible correct score

Recreativo - Granada 2x but with risk 2 with odd 2,9

Rayo Vallecano - Barcelona B over and with risk over 3,5 and over 4,5

England - Switzerland 1 (but low) so over must win game for the home team

Russia - Armenia 1 and over

IK Brage - Åtvidaberg 2x and 2 for the risky ones


Written By Unknown on 03/06/2011 | 2:56:00 pm

Football season has ended and we have won this year as well being NO1 blog for betting tips. Our statistics prove that as personally maganed to have the absolute many times and the odd these times was over 700-1000!!!!!!! The basic is that we suggest tips before the games start sth which is for sure more difficult than suggesting tips in live which is for sure easier as many times we can found odd 5-10 in live!!!

My average % TOTAL SUCCESS for this year was 65% with May being the best 73% and April the worst 54%, for Joker the average was 59% with May being the best 64% and February the worst with 51%!! As you can see when most well "known" sites are satisfied with 45-50% success and tips with odd 1,5-2,0 we CRY. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR DEVOTION, we will be with you during summer but when sth good exists we shall not waste our money!!

For today some tips:

Austria - Germany in this game i will risk as away team will have no problem to win the first position so they might want to help their friends, so with risk 1X open double with super odds 7,75 and 4,75
Belgium - Turkey G/G AND THEN 1 with odd 2,2

Moldova - Sweden 2 with odd 1,6

Luxembourg - Hungary 2 with odd 1,45

Croatia - Georgia UNDER with risk 
Faroe Islands - Slovenia 2 is sure so 2 with handicap 2 goals too

Liechtenstein - Lithuania 2 but odd is low 1,4


Written By Unknown on 01/06/2011 | 12:59:00 pm

Παγκαλος, Αγανακτισμένοι κ μετα η΄ρθε το Σύνταγμα για να ψηφιστεί το μπουρδελο η Βουλή με τον Γιώργο Παπανδρέου και το esctv ΠΟΥ ΖΉΤΗΣΕ απο τη Merkel k Strossh Kahn kai Sarkozi k Berlouskoni, αλλά Μνημόνιο τέλος με το Μπεο το Ψωμιαδη και τα παρανομα bets και στοιχηματα του κουγια με την Αλεξανδρατου τζουλια
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